Face Fuck You

Yea this pretty much sums up my day haha

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Validate your life

Snapshot 2 (2-3-2016 12-28 PM)

I’d like to thank AC for buying some presents off my wishlist for me. It was a nice surprise when I woke up to find.

Also Thank you to jorge who posted some wonderful words here on my blog. But don’t you worry I’ve been doing this far to long to stop now.
You have a valid point about it taking courage to post the religious clips. Many won’t even do them at all. I get it.And although I don’t have any problems making the clips and allowing people to buy them, often I don’t like them being so public. It’s not something that would be pleasant for my community to find and hold against my family. I mean I think it’s one thing to be teased that “your moms a porn star…..) but in this case it’s not that simple.It’s much worse in the general populations views.

Taking that all into consideration though I have recently made some choices.
Bad girls can’t be good girls. And I’m far from a good girl.Nor do I ever want to be one.
The 2Evil4U clips will return to the stores.Mostly…..there’s some which won’t appear, as they have music included or content in general which I simply find a little to extreme.Those clips will still only be found on my members site.But the majority of the clips are returning.

I also know many of the foreigners were purchasing these clips on ClipVia, since they couldn’t use clips4sale. I’m sorry for that.But clipvia hasn’t paid anyone for months.I still get sales….but I never get paid. All my clipvia clips are being deleted.I am one of the girls who stayed on that site the longest and just tried to keep hope that they’d work their shit out.They were suppose to pay out in january,so I hung in there. They failed.

You can still go to my members site to view the clips. Or you can email me personally and just buy them. Sinistress@sinocalypse.com

I am no longer going to sit back and watch people bragging about having the top stores blah blah…when I’ve been doing this way longer. You only have the top stores because I yanked my clips down.You wanna play? we can play. I’m like fucking Madonna…..I may be old but all my shit’s still gonna sell out.You can’t replace an original…I’ll just keep reinventing myself over and over.We are going on 15 years now. Not a lot of girls can say they’ve lasted that long. And they never will if they view it as a job, or a quick way to get money outta men to pay their rent for the month. For me this is my passion,my hobby,my release….
And I won’t stop until I’m dead

So onto the sin junkie updates
What’s to really say, you guys have been extremely unimpressive lately.And I know there’s many more of you who just simply don’t have the balls to contact me.Yet you’ve followed me for years.Your one of my biggest fans right? yet you never make the list. Try harder

Mikisbi-Still MIA- though I know he’s around.Satan is sad bitch.You fail

Monica- been MIA to long.Probably shouldn’t even make this list any more, but she’s been around so long I hate to remove people

Daniella- Still a whore,begging for more clips,but as usual she takes forever to pay me.I personally think she drunk emails me and doesn’t remember

Scary German Guy- Well after buying me a house, maybe I’m the scary one…..Can you imagine the fear a guy must have after sending that amount of cash that the girl would just block him and move on? haha…..oh but no….Sin has goals in life and I’m not going anywhere till those pretty lungs of his are pitch black for me. Besides…house money pfft….I’m hitting up that life insurance next.

Shiny- my blank envelope full of money bitch.You know you need me.I’ll be checking my PO box.It’s good to hear you want more,and you’ll have more soon as I have that cash in my pretty little fingertips. It’s slightly annoying waiting for guys to send real cash,just so they can avoid their real lives…or wives? But after some consideration I think you have it better (or worse?) than everyone else.Most guys have an erection and just press the pay button, it’s over and done before they can think much about it. But you sir….you have to take yourself out and place it in an envelope,mail it to me.Which means every step of the way you have to think about what your doing.What’s going to happen? The anticipation must be killer.And the waiting…..awe poor thing.But I’ve decided I like it this way….suffering is good.And knowing you make that choice willingly not with your cock but simply because your a sin addict who can’t resist well…that makes my pussy wet.

Brandilynn- of course you made the list. You can’t really keep adding into all your emails to me that I do this for the money and I really don’t care.Or that my videos aren’t good enough for YOU. Not only is it insulting but obviously not true.You can’t accuse me of just wanting paid and then get mad when I don’t want your money. It’s kinda contradictory. A lesson even Monica learned a long time ago….you know the difference is though I use to punish Monica.
But the real lesson here for you is if your going to want a mistress, treat them as such.Because no mistress is going to allow you to constantly whine and insult them. Learn your place.
Or just admit your nothing more than a pervert who wants videos.
You either worship me or you don’t. It can’t swing both ways.
I have plenty of clients who are just horny men.Im okay with that.
I have other clients who are slaves/subs/types….I’m okay with that as well. But they are certainly not treated the same….because they are not the same.Nor do they want to be treated the same.

One thing I will say though (for EVERYONE) is that if your a long term client…meaning been with me for years. you cannot expect every video I make is going to knock your socks off and be awesome. It’s just simply illogical.If I make you 50 videos do you really think each and every single one is going to be great? Some are always going to be better than others. I’m only human

A new addition to the list JCM seems to just keep getting more and more addicted…with the help of shinys videos.Take a lesson from him ,scheduling time with me is well worth it.And way more effective than just messaging me over and over to see if I’m available. NO bitches, I’m not available because you did not ask me to be or pay for me to be???? It’s not hard to figure out.

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Another Bday!

Snapshot 5 (1-21-2016 1-08 PM)

Man we are getting old. I say we to make myself feel better, haha.
Thank you my DMVirgin for the cock and bible studies> I’m sure I will be putting them to good use.

And here’s another email I got from a priest who has apparently given up hope on me.

Our morals too different, it’s better this way,
I can tell you what’s better, but you don’t seem to hear it anyway,
A final farewell is all I can do,
So this little last message says: happy birthday to you!

I hope you guys enjoy the videos me and shay recorded yesterday.
I won’t be around much today, as I have to go have bday dinner at school with my kids for myself.And then….I get to drive a couple hours to go help pick up a new truck for my oldest child.
I will try to get some stuff posted in between to occupy you guys.

If anyone else wants to send presents I have already posted my po address on my site blog.On top of their being a wishlist link on both sites.

I see slut layla couldn’t resist buying the pissy dick video. Hope you enjoyed it bitch.

Shay and I are very new to recording together.On top of the fact we don’t really know each other.I’m sure it’ll get better, however I do need to remind everyone shay is moving to florida. You have only 2-3 months to make more requests for videos before I’m on my own once again.Enjoy it while you have it.Now is not the time to stall or be to nervous to message me.
Please don’t message me for girl/girl sex though it’s not going to happen.I do not think shay wants to do nudity.

However we are open to other things, and it can be of sexual nature.

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So I guess this is the one


Well after some consideration I do believe I like this blog much better than my model centro blog.The one inside model centro doesn’t really allow me to post video,at least not without a link to like youtube or something,and it’s not like I can put most of my videos there in the first place.

The only reason I started using it was to attempt to only give you guys one site to check,but oh well,it’s not so hard to pop here first before you login to go watch videos.

Hopefully you guys like this one better to. I think it’s easier to get around.

I know I posted I’d be live online friday and saturday nights,but I take it back. The past few weeks spent on mfc, and chaturbate have only reminded me why I stopped doing it the first time. I hate it. Plus to be honest the weekends are my xbox time. If anything soon you’ll be able to just come watch me on twitch. And if your capable of controlling your perversions it’s possible to get my name and have me play with you. But my game time is not work time.

For the moment I really only play destiny or magic duels. I’m sure there will be more in the future,but I’m pretty picky. I mean why can’t they just bring me age of empires,starcraft or even dungeons and dragons online(all computer games) but still I’d totally play that shit on the xbox.

The one good thing that came out of me streaming live for a short while was my lovense toy. So you can now buy shows with me and control my vibrator, just ask. Basically you use your smart phone or computer to control how much it vibrates or rotates.I’m sure you’ll have fun.

I know some of you like to message me at all times of the day and night. You work certain hours, so do I.
So if it will make you stop I’ll post them again.Again I don’t do weekends….unless you’ve already scheduled it and paid.

Monday-Friday 9am-3pm It’s not that hard guys.

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or nah

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natzi cunt

thought you might enjoy this

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I insist on being on top

Snapshot 1 (4-16-2014 7-29 AM)

So this weekend was fun. Instead of buying new countertops for the kitchen I decided to just buy a kit and redo them. It actually worked. So if any of you want to make your wives very happy check out these kits, they come in many colors

I also got the new tiles installed on my kitchen floor, and part of my bathroom floor done.

I don’t think I’m fully better yet, I have had a low temperature for like 15 days but whatever. I feel better anyway.

I woke up this morning to the neighbor kid driving a motocycle through my driveway so that was pleasant. I can tell this summer is going to be fun trying to work. Kids are out of school today and tomorrow for easter break. I guess I’ll just try to get some scripts written I can do later.
I often don’t have time to prepare much so don’t forget I love it when you guys send me short scripts or videos ideas, makes a lot less work for me and gets videos out a lot faster for you.

I also got the garden tiled. Not that anything ever grows for me. Last year it was actually growing until the hail storm came I guess and destroyed everything.

My house is over run with ants. I have mint plants attempting to grow in the kitchen, which probably just means the sherriffs going to show up again and confiscate my “pot plants” like he did to my tomato plants years ago. I have the worst luck. Anyway we’ll see if it works. I have heard planting mint around your house keeps them from wanting to come inside.

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The tits are fake, but my penis is real


I’ve been so sick lately. I apologize. At least I’m not really bed ridden anymore. I did buy myself that bicycle I wanted. I was even finally strong enough to take it out last night. Kinda a mistake, suppose I should have healed a bit more. My asthma tends to kick in when I get ill. Plus I think I have a touch of bronchitis. So it wasn’t a fun journey.Being a smoker in general probably makes it hard to do such things. I wonder if it will get easier. I should have known it would be difficult anyway. I had a custom video I was suppose to be making yesterday. Simple concept…smoke two 120s while doing the dishes naked.
Simple yes….easy hell no. I think I would struggle smoking 2 of them on a good day let alone a day I’m sick. So we will just call this a video fail.(however nothings really a fail is it? A lot of coughing which is still entirely sellable, just not to the person who wanted it lol)
Hands free smoking is not my strong point. I haven’t ever mastered the ability to not get it up my nose, in my eyes, and manage to breath
So I tried to actually charge the dude less, and offer him what I had and was capable of but no…he wants what he wants. I don’t blame him. But it’s not likely to happen.

I’m kinda running out of time to have use of the kitchen anyway. Kids are out of school for the next week due to easter. But aside from that I have one getting out of school totally and graduating.I don’t think he’ll want me walking around naked.It’s funny I remember posting how excited I was that they were finally in school and I could work…now they are graduating? seriously

I hope you guys are enjoying the new site layout more. Easier to separate the videos. I looked at it earlier today though and the blog seems to be gone? Has anyone seen it? lol.
Good thing I never used it anyway, cuz I dunno where it went.I suppose it might not be an option on the new layout which is…weird.
But speaking of blogs I found something some of you may be entertained to see.


I have spent the last week going over the internet and deleting just about everything related to myself.You’ll notice a lot of the sites I was on no longer exist and such.
Odd to spend 14 years building up your name just to delete it yes, but…so what. At some point you have to make a choice where this is going. My choice….it’s not going anywhere.I already accomplished the goal I had.I decided to yank down everything that I don’t really use or ever intend to use.
Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. But I don’t exactly have an interest in building an empire anymore.I prefer to be a private person and keep to myself. And along with that it means keeping myself off the internet as much as I can.Or at least the things not everyone really needs to see.

Plus over the last 14 years the name sinistress and sinocalypse both have been snagged by many other people. I think there’s even a band at this point going by the sinocalypse name.
And I’m sure we all seen the sinicalypse dude accusing me of stealing his name on my twitter.Clothing lines named sinistress,and dolls not to mention all the gamers that took it over.A long time ago I was considering trademarking the names, personally I’m glad I didn’t though.For the same reasons I never show up to vegas when I’m invited or make public appearances anywhere else. Maybe when I started and was 23 years old I would have wanted to push this as far as I can and get my name out there”be famous” and get rich and all that good stuff. But that’s not really who I am anymore.Anymore the less attention I draw to myself the better I think.

So this old blog is one of the things I found out there. Yes it does say kandee…that’s how old it is. It’s so old sinistress didn’t even exist yet.However there are some interesting dates on there. You can see where I did take the name sinistress. The day I got my first webcam. days when I was trying to get knocked up.Overall you can see me learning how to do this,and how innocent I was at the time. You won’t hear me say half of that crap ever again that’s for sure.I woulda taken it down, but i can’t remember my password lol.

Also my first 2 sites are unable to be pulled down. I suppose when yahoo did a wipe people came in and archieved crap and now they are just stuck there forever. If you can find the archives kandeesplayground.com and sinistressownsyou.com are mostly backed up in it. I’d link em but I can only get the links to work half of the time.

There’s also this older blog http://sinocalypse.blogspot.com/?zx=bc0bf3f135817c53

There’s always so much I want to do and never enough time to do it.I literally have notebooks filled with video ideas, that I just never get around to doing.I would like to thank those who have noticed and appreciated the asmr videos I have done. Some have even asked for more, this excites me a lot.
Obviously I don’t make real asmr videos.there’s really nothing sexual about them. I mean let’s be honest ASMR is meant to relax and help you sleep, or just in general make you feel good. It’s not a sexual thing. And I’m very much aware of these facts. I do have a genuine interest in ASMR, as I use it myself every night to help myself sleep.

But because of my job I combined my asmr passion with my videos. Are they really asmr? probably not. I don’t think you could really be getting many asmr triggers while Jerking off.And jerking off certainly doesn’t probably put you to sleep….least not till after. So it’s all kinda tricky. So really they are probably just softly spoken sensual videos. Although no matter what you want to call it it is growing in popularity. I’m still one of the few doing it, at least on clips4sale. And the real asmr community is always going to be offended by it.But my guess is over the next year or 2 your going to find many more people doing it.

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Bad Girls Deserve A Good Licking


I just wanted to say I’ve spent the last several days going back and tagging every video on my site, so that they will show up in the new site layout as categories. It should make it easier for you to separate the religious videos from the smoking videos, but not only that it now gives me the ability to be able to add other girls videos.

I have thousands of videos for the site but was always hesitant to post them because I didn’t really want them mixed in with my own. It is MY official site after all.

I do know you guys want more religious videos up. I’m working on it. Thing is my internet connections just really slow where I live now. It took me a total of 6-8 hours just to get Cunt his video, and then put it up on the clip store….and it’ll be another 3-4 hours I’m sure to get it up on model centro too. Granted that video is larger than most at about 700mb, but if you figure that’s at least 9-12 hours spent on one video,not even counting the time to make it…it’s no wonder I don’t really get a damn thing done.

I’ve been using my webcam for most videos now because it tends to keep them in smaller files than my camcorder. If it’s a special video I still use the cam corder, I didn’t think there was a big amount of difference but I was told today there is…shrugs. So maybe I’ll stop doing that so often.

Also one thing I didn’t get to mention…cunt. Is that I did get your Lent idea, just a little to late. It was already over or close. However I really liked the concept and plan to still make the video anyway. Because I’m sin. And if I want to take shit away from you I can….anytime I want. I’m not religious so I didn’t give a fuck about your lent anyway. It’s better this way. I am your religion. You’ll sacrifice when I say to.

And speaking of religion, I often do updates on my sinjunkies, even though most of them are slacking right now. I suppose I need to go do some advertising and pick up new ones. We all remember Mikisbi’s greatest dream was to sell his soul. I haven’t updated this for a long time. Mostly because he backed out, as I suspected he would.Odd really though to make it through almost half of it and then quit…maybe he just likes giving me money for nothing.

And none of the several emails I got from jealous people who also liked this idea ever went through with the task either. Maybe none of you have the balls.(or in reality the 1k dollars it required)
So for now all my soul stealing gems are empty. Maybe some day someone will come along and complete the task.There were only 4 gems I believe, I don’t quite remember, but I was so looking forward to using them.

So I also came across an erotic list of asmr videos. This caught my attention of course because I am one of the few who originally started this concept. So I thought to myself…what are the chances I’m on this list.
Well obviously being one of the few to do it the chances were great. I was right.
Sadly these videos were never posted anywhere other than the clip store.

So it’s amusing someone would go into the store to buy it, steal it and repost it on xhampster.
But guess what? It lasted only 5 minutes on that site after I saw it.

I’ll admit it’s hard to track down the videos. Especially if you have thousands of them as I do. And people are sometimes(not usually) smart enough to not use my name on the video. Which makes them even harder to locate. Yes this could be at least free advertising if I water marked them. It would also cause some people to not want to steal them at all.Believe me I get that. And I do wish I could water mark them but choices have to be made in this business.

So the reason why sin does not watermark her videos to protect them is because if I did, then I would not be able to resell them off to other people. And no I don’t mean you, customers,fans,clients.
I am talking about the brokers. Other websites. Other girls interested in content for their sites. No one wants to put up a video in their members area, and have a www.sinocalypse.com logo all over the video. That’s a dead give a way that whatever site they are putting it on, didn’t produce it, it’s not exclusive.

So my content is clean, so I can resell it. Even if I don’t do much of that now, I like to leave the future open. I’m only getting older here. But at least in the future I could possibly have thousands of videos to sell off. But not if they looked like that.

It’s kinda amusing listening to some of the other girls chat. Freaking out about just turning 32 and being to old to “do this” anymore. And I’m thinking wow then…I must be ancient? I am getting close to 40. And I’ll have you know not ONCE have I ever felt to old to do this.In fact I doubt I’ll ever stop. Sure I have my moments of disappearing for bits of time. But I’m always here. If anything drives me away from this it won’t be my age. It will be all the changing scary laws.

So also model centro is eventually going to have everything I require to function. Eventually there will be stores on the site. You know to buy videos. Rather than get a membership. As well as the ability to sell other things. Panties,used cigarettes who knows.
Also the ability to create our own pages. So I can finally move my fetishscript links over to it.

Possibly the ability to turn downloading the pics and videos on for certain people. Meaning maybe if you were a constant member for 6-12 months I’d be willing to allow you to download the videos.That seems reasonable and a nice reward.
But there’s no way I’m letting someone come in and pay 20-30 bucks and download every video in there or worse. the 1 day trial thing. I already have enough proof of where they end up at.

One of the biggest reasons I haven’t shut down sinocalypse.com is simply because model centro also does not offer me away to make email addresses. Sinocalypse.com offers me unlimited amount of emails.
Why do I need that…..well for you.A lot of people seem to have issues using their cards and paying for a membership. They can easily pay me in their own way, and then I make them and email and sign them up and issue them a password by hand.However apparently model centro does not approve of this, and will be cracking down on it as well.
So I will no longer be able to help you.

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Don’t fuck with me, I fuck back!

Snapshot 1 (4-16-2014 7-40 AM)Summer is coming. I’m way more functional when the weather is nice. I hate to be cold! Which as many of you have been around me long enough to know means, I’ll be more active and around more.
Yay for you.

I guess I could do an update on some people.

Robert- still won’t admit he’s a smoker but his smoking has gone up over the years.Let’s face it, if your smoking a pack a day you ARE a smoker.




Cunt- Does he even deserve the name luke anymore? He seems to have a romance going with my imaginary dog buttfucker.
On that note I almost considered getting another rottweiler. I use to have one she was the love of my life, until she passed away.
I was so close to considering it, but let’s face it, poor thing could never be in my videos. And I also remembered all the drool and farting and ….gags

So for now I’ll just thank all the people who took interest in buttfucker. He’s been around for many many years but seems to be growing in popularity as more people are requesting appearances from him. Amusing….Who knew I could make imaginary pets famous.Just imagine the possibilities if he were real. And your damn right at this point if I had one, I’d totally name it buttfucker.

Shiny- Still probably fighting with hiself weather he’s going to stuff another blank envelope full of cash and send it to me, but eh…we all know he will.

Princess- who gets so tickled when I mention him here. Still whiny, still bitchy and never satisfied really with the videos he’s given. I wonder why he keeps sending money then? Hmm.

So the goal in the next few months is to get cash…of course. It’s summer . Sin always needs cash.

I must buy a bicycle. I’ve decided it’s one form of excersize I can actually stand. Goal-200.00
Buy a pool. I had one for years, but over time they really just give out. Time for a new one.Goal-1000.000

And as with everyone else in life I need 3k to pay off my taxes

So that is the summers goals for me.

Anything extra will probably be used to do some more work on my house and pay off my cars. I think I owe another 7k or so and both of my vehicles will be paid off.

As we all know I typically stick to making videos for the most part now. Years ago I was on realtouch interactive but that kinda fell through I did enjoy it quite a bit. There are similar products about now which I’ve been considering. Such as Kiiroo. It’s of course a curious thing to me, to allow the sinjunkies to actually virtually fuck me. And those who have, enjoyed it quite a lot. The products typically all work the same where the male gets pleasure from whatever the female is doing on her end. It would be great the day it works both ways, but it’s a little more difficult I suppose to give us a realistic cock.Besides I guess I kind of prefer them to have no ability to control my side, some dudes are dicks lets face it.
Problem with these technological toys is they aren’t as free as your hand. This ones cheaper, running about 150ish I think.
So men have to cough up about 150 bucks to interact with my mouth and pussy. Worth it? Well I think so, but I’ll let you be the judge.

There’s also controversy about these products as they make things more intimate, and the female literally is giving pleasure to the guy. Prostitution much? Well I personally do not think so but whatever. It is the exchange of sexual pleasure for cash.Even though I still think there’s a lack of actual touching. Everyone has their own opinions.

So cunt has been quite curious about my personal sex life. And why shouldn’t he be? I’d did post some interesting facts about myself. So to answer your questions cunt, yes things have improved. I get laid a lot more now since my little outburst. No he doesn’t know I mentioned it on my blog, he never looks at my work. In fact he’s improved so much I might not hesitate actually making videos with him. Course that could all just be to much beer. shrugs.

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