Lethal Devotion

So I’ve decided I’m having fun with JCM on our one night a month that he can afford me.I like to treat it like a nice date.Good reason to dress up and put on a pretty dress.I think I’ll have some champagne next time.I don’t really think he knows what he’s getting hiself into.

I know there are many different types of people who joined my website.And because of that you all wish for different types of videos.I don’t blame you.It’s fine to message me if I haven’t posted one your looking forward to for a while but please also understand that I already post at least one video a day,sometimes more.That’s at least 30 updates a month which is A LOT. If I posted more I’d run out of videos quick and I’m hoping the site will last several years.So I can’t just give you everything.

I never heard back from shiny after his last video.Apparently he got his fix.
Brandilynn is having a rough time in her new chastity fucking her ass constantly since that’s the only way to get off.

As a lot of you have already realized I am generally on niteflirt or skype during the day when I have time.
duct tape slut finally took the tape off long enough to speak to me.He came hard.

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All the best people are crazy

So I just thought I’d post this because it amused me so much

Hi, I called the other day because I was gagged with several layers of duct tape. I was surprised to find you on niteflirt because I remember seeing you a couple times on YouTube. I love your 120 smoking videos. I was so excited to see your profile I couldn’t get the duct tape off fast enough to stop you from hanging up. I just wanted to say I’m a big fan and hope to see you on again soon

Awe this poor guy, I guess he should be a warning to everyone If you call me to do a skype session maybe be able to least say hello haha

Sorry for hanging up on you dude, I wouldn’t have if I had known

Also there’s a new sissy auction posted, go bid.You should already know the link, or follow my twitter

Picture 18
Picture 24

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Find what you love and let it kill you

Sup Sin Junkies.
don’t forget to watch for my weekly sissy auctions on ebanned.Links in my twitter, which you should already be following. You can also just request your own box to be made for you and customize it to have what you want in it.Panties,bras,clothes,old makeup….yes I said old…and used. I don’t give away my stuff come on…lol.A lot of different crap I throw into these boxes, wigs,jewelry,cigarettes(and by that I mean half smoked, lipstick stained),sex toys. Just depends how I’m feeling that week.

Don’t forget to schedule your hour long shows with me next week. I prefer to stick to one a day, so Don’t miss out


Remember it’s 100$ for an hour but well worth it. And you get to pick what we do within reason.
Here’s a new video for you to enjoy

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Dirty Little Disaster

So you know I like to share what I’ve been listening to, so here’s one for you.Doesn’t seem overly popular apparently, guess I’m weird.

Not much to talk about recently.Hence no blogs. I have a hair appointment today which is something I don’t normally do.But it’s getting to be summertime and my kids enjoy going to the pool a lot, frankly I enjoy it to so I’m bad at not swimming just to keep my hair dry.Then it turns into a natural disaster.My hair thinks it’s half black. I did actually go and get it cut last week also, so thanks for pointing out scary german guy, that normally I get paid to do such things, I don’t pay for it.She did not do anything I couldn’t do myself so I guess next time I’ll just charge someone to watch me cut it lol.

Currently I’m sitting here uploading the clips for the month. I found this nifty little program that lets me upload to multiple sites at the same time, so It only takes me a day to really load everything for the whole month.Which means the end goal is to spend more time on niteflirt…if you should be so lucky to find me there, which…hasn’t happened yet.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t see me.As I’ve told you for years SCHEDULE IT.
Some people have recently been figuring this out and enjoying me…for an hour.
yes you get me for a whole hour for 100 bucks.
A lot of money isn’t it? However I do so adore the idea that you guys have to save up your money just to see me.And the anticipation of waiting until you get the cash and see me is killer….quite erotic really.It makes your orgasms so much better. It’s a good opportunity to also get to know each other better. And for that hour we can do whatever you want. Smoke,chat, dress up…I don’t give a shit.But it gives me something to look forward to as well.
And if you really think that price is high then keep in mind I normally charge 3.00 a minute.Which would be 180$ So I think I’m being quite kind here.

I still haven’t shaved since new years.I think we are finally getting somewhere.I might finally be turning into a real woman.So come and enjoy the pussy hair.And see for yourselves that I am actually a real red head. I’ve also returned my clit ring to where it belongs.But it’s a lot more subtle than it use to be.

My website may contain duplicate videos.If you encounter this I would love it if you message me to let me know. I’ve been trying to catch them, and I also try to keep good track of it but shit happens you know.

I know some of you aren’t real Sin Junkies and see other girls. Feel free to show them the way to my script store if they need more ideas for their clips. Or be even nicer and just go buy your favorite one and give it to them, I don’t care. It’s always fun to see the difference in the final outcome when you give several girls the same script.

I admit I’ve been having a bit of difficulty getting things done because my neighbors are constantly dropping off their kids at my house.I expect this is only going to get worse over the summer.They practically live here too.But eh, I’m to mean to say no, and my kids like it. What am I suppose to say really anyway…..can you not bring your kids to my house I’m a little busy trying to get the world off.
So tomorrow I have my childs birthday. Who knows how many kids are going to be here.

Anyone worth talking about recently? Hmm
Scary German Guy has discovered lately that he spends 20-30 hours a month with me.Poor bastard…that must be the definition of an addict.I’d tell you to do the math but what’s the point, we all know he sent me 23k to buy this house

Brandilynn is nicely asking for more attention.And has aquired the chastity device she was instructed to get…..let the fun (and whining) begin
I’m sure her new popper addiction isn’t going to help the matter.

Creating junkies is simply what I do.
Forced intox videos? Oh yes, I fully plan on it in about 2 months.When I no longer have to drive back and forth to pick up my kids from school. Because it just wouldn’t be right if I couldn’t join you in the videos taking shots. We shall get tipsy and fuck ourselves.

JCM is still working on saving up cash to see me again.
I’d love to say my time with him is his fix, but that’s not true because I think the time he spends away saving back up is torture and then he ends up just thinking about it more.Mind fuckery

I seem to have attained a panty whore.I can say I fully enjoy this prospect.That moment when you realize you’ve sucked my panties clean and there’s nothing left…..YOU MUST GET MORE> Oh I tried to make them a little dirtier this time but I bet it’s not enough and he’ll be back asking for something even more extreme.

And then there’s marc…..I suppose I don’t normally mention the bang cutting guy.Truth is he asked me to cut my hair last time and I did it without getting the cash first because he’s never failed to pay me before…..HE FAILED THIS TIME>
Yet somehow months later he shows up to pay me.Because somehow in his mind he thinks he shouldn’t anger me or I won’t meet him for real.
Meet him for real? What are the chances…
Becoming more likely each day, that’s what I have to say, but now I already have grudge when it happens don’t I? I’m gonna shave your fucking head, and blow all my smoke in your face. And your eyebrows….and well who the fuck knows. I might make your whole body as smooth as a fucking baby

Ah and my loyal website member who was so good at sending tips and presents….well I haven’t been getting any tips or presents. Maybe I have angered him.
Truth is if you guys send me presents sometimes it takes me a long…to long time to actually put them to use in videos.If it makes you feel better I have actually gotten the devil outfit out of the package…..does that count?
Probably not but I’m trying.Forgive me

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Your Penis Owes Me Money

Snapshot 1 (2-3-2016 12-47 PM)

Life is so busy this year. I am looking forward to next year when I can be home more and get a lot more accomplished. Only about 40 days left
You guys are actually doing a good job keeping me busy as well.

I’ve recently gone on a diet to try to loose this extra 30 pounds I have.We’ll see how that goes. Step 1 is probably trying to break the candybar/donut addiction I have every night. Last night was a fail.I also have an all day mt dew addiction. I’m trying to switch to diet…that shit sucks.Given all my bad habits you’d think I’d look a lot fatter and older.So I guess I’m not doing bad in the first place.Frankly this weight didn’t come from eating anyway, I’ve had it since I had my kids, and just never lost it.
But maybe if I have to post it here it’ll be more motivation.
So first weigh in was 146 pounds.
I been rotating every other day between the gym and the swimming pool.Maybe we’ll add in the basketball court to.

I did actually loose all that weight once.But as soon as I stopped smoking pot it all came right back…odd isn’t it? I think that shit is suppose to make you hungry.But it makes me loose a lot of weight, to bad it’s not legal where i am.

I find the whole thing amusing because I really only eat once a day.But according to diet standards apparently your suppose to eat several times a day to loose weight…I’ll try anything once I guess.Sometimes I wonder if I’m going the wrong way anyway. I get tons of requests for lilith still. Maybe I need to gain 100 pounds. I miss Lilith to, and I’m sorry I can’t bring you guys more content of her, or set you up with any skype shows.She just up and disappeared.She also owed me quite a bit of money so chances are she won’t be back.But I have tried to find her if it makes you feel better.In fact I do know where she is, but if this is what she wanted to do she’d still be here wouldn’t she.

Girls come and go all the time.I think I’m about done trying to find/help them. Often they just go off on their own and think they can do better. Good luck to them.

Feel free to buy lots more videos.People are expecting me to have 1200$ in about 3 weeks to tear down the house next to me.Yes people that is the plan, I’m gonna buy out the whole block.Who needs neighbors anyway.

I won’t give any updates this time cuz there’s really none to give.Unfortunately my “slaves” aren’t even the ones keeping me busy. I can give a couple though
Brandilynn is suppose to be aquiring a chastity.Bit confused right now as of the size…bitch I don’t have a dick nor do I spend a lot of time touching those nasty things, just measure it.
JCM is still scraping up money to see me as often as he can.I tried to tell him he’d see me more if he just stopped feeding his wife, but whatever.

So I’ve been wanting to shoot a video of my closet, which the sissys should enjoy.It’s a disaster right now so I might actually show the before/after of it. I know I’ve been putting a lot of sissy auctions together, you’ll get to enjoy everything I’ll never sell you.Some of you have been asking for my wigs.Are you kidding me? I have a hard time parting with my things.Wigs aren’t usually to cheap, but you guys are, if you want them pay more. I did find a few cheap wigs for some lucky people.So I currently have 2 that can go.

Hopefully I’ll actually make it to the rest of this house to record in since I don’t think I’ve really left my own room yet in videos.

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Bill Slaves

Picture 4

So no one has really stepped up to the video challenge I issued.Not surprised.
So I’ve added some of my bills to the members area. You can find them where you click to buy a membership. As they get paid I’ll remove them every month, and readd them when they are due again.Your obviously bad at fufilling my wishes, but good at handing me your cash…so I guess we will stick to that.

I always said once my kids were older and I had more free time to myself that I would probably do live sessions.Now seems to be that time.If you have been itching for years to be in a room personally with me, now is your chance.It’ll cost you a lot.How much? Who knows.case by case basis is how I like to keep things.And it’s nice to keep you guessing.Just keep your requests reasonable.

Last month was a pretty good clip income month, keep up the good work.Now all we need to do is get me back on top where i belong.Typically when I take a week off a month(for girl reasons) my clip placement drops a lot.I’m trying to record extras to keep that from happening.Or maybe I just need a good period slave to make up for it

I have a sesion with scary german guy in 20 minutes.
And A session tonight with JCM. It’s gonna be a busy day.

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Pay the price

So You guys have been keeping me pretty busy lately. So busy in fact that I actually had an offer to get 25$ every time I posted a video of me smoking with a holder….except I haven’t even had time to do any.Maybe today…I think this may be the first day I have no customs to make and can do what I want. Speaking of customs it’s actually pretty cheap.I charge quite a bit less than most of the other girls for a reason.And it’s higher to see me live.
I can make videos in my own time,I enjoy doing them.I like knowing that you can re-watch them over and over and continue cumming and obeying me.And they are 30$ for 10 minutes.Live shows are a bit trickier.I just don’t have time.
So Incase you didn’t know live shows on skype tend to be 100$, granted you get an hour…or more if I’m having a good time.But they have to be paid and set up before hand.

I’ve been posting quite a bit to ebanned lately.Make sure you watch for my auctions. I got some unexpected pictures in my email this morning from the guy who won my valentines socks. I was entertained. What a good boy.

I have had some inquiries about my slave offer for videos, but as expected none have followed through…even Mikisbi who I had the most hope for.But then what has he ever really followed through with?
Never heard back from Monica after her last video.(which for the record slightly irks me when people do this,and many of you do.At least tell me if you got it.)
Daniella returned for more this week
Tantrum throwing sissy Brandilynn also aquired a video this week, but was probably not what she was expecting at all
I had a nice chat with scary german guy yesterday(who bought my house) I’m thinking the next step is that life insurance policy.Then again in the end, that is the final step for all of my slaves isn’t it addicts?
JCM has saved up enough money to see me on cam again this week.Poor guy, if you keep this up it might become a habit.
Shiny went on vacation and decided he might be fine without me for a while.We both know you’ll be back.The bigger question is how was your vacation with all those thoughts of me invading your brain.

I have quite a collection of used cigarettes saved up from recording videos.Normally I stick them all in a pack together and send them off to someone lucky.It’s a good opportunity to experience cigarettes you may not have had the chance to try before.More than that it’s a good chance to put your lips where mine have been.taste my lipstick stains and overall make your cock harder than it’s ever been before.Let me know if your interested.This time i’ll even include a signed picture of myself.

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New Sissy Slut Package

There’s a new Sissy Slut package up for bid don’t miss it

Also here’s a pic I said I’d post of my bruised thigh from falling down the stairs since I got lots of questions wondering if I was ok…just a bruise….004

Also I woke up to this mess because my cat is even a nicotine addict….005

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Bruise your soul

Snapshot 4 (2-4-2016 4-52 PM)Sorry for the lack of clips lately. I’ve been a bit out of it for the week.Funny how 4 days of not posting can drop you so far.I think my smoking store dropped to like spot #30 lol.Just goes to show how much competition there is and how much time and effort it takes to stay in the top 5.

First I fell down my stairs.I’ll try to post a pic later, it’s mostly healed now but it was pretty bad.Then my period and the weekend came. Sometimes I’m organized enough to record extra clips to have videos going up on the weekends, but for the most part I do not work on weekends.

Today I’m having lunch at school with my youngest child.The school gives out “points” for good behavior. Most of the kids use their points to buy toys,stickers,and little things my child saves his points to drag my ass to lunch with him.He will be quite a romantic when he grows up.

And friday I will also be away taking care of some tax stuff.Feel free to send money though since I’ll be out shopping.

So I think we should talk about who the real sin junkies are.
As some of you know I posted on the religious forum requesting dick pics. Thanks for all the pics that were sent to my twitter, but honestly your cocks have nothing to do with my request.
It was mostly a challenge about who had the balls to be a real slave. I mean many of you like to call yourselves that.In fact only 1 actually came forward to accept the challenge although he hasn’t followed through with it as of yet…come on mikisbi…do you ever follow through with anything? You wanna have sin take your soul, this is the fastest way.

So what I actually wanted was the sin junkies who are the biggest attention whores to come forward.Take some of my video scripts and record themselves reading them and jerking off.
That’s right I’m gonna pimp you out on clips4sale and keep the money for myself.Faces aren’t required though they would be nice. I’m just curious who the first one will actually be.

In the past a lot of you have taken pride in making names for yourselves as sins sissys, and all the attention your videos tend to get…fuck that though.It’s time to step it up.Do something that actually pleases me.Prove your actually willing to do what I say.I’m tired of wanna be mouthy slaves.
Giving me occasional money for a video doesn’t make you a slave.
I think this challenge proves whose actually willing to serve and who isn’t,because believe me it wouldn’t be any different in real life.And for now this is the closest you’d get to me in real life.Whose ready for their training?

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Sin Junky Valentines Treat


I knew this rug would look better besides my nasty toilet!

So there’s a new option on the members site and until monday-tuesday you can join for 6.66 again.Seems to be the magic number

Also Don’t forget you guys can make money off me as well.Just sign up on the affiliates page on my members site.Post links on fetish boards or on other websites, and when people sign up you get paid!

Some money arrived in my po box, stuffed into the usual bday card.Mr priest must be faultering in his faith.

Alans been busy still tipping me like crazy on the site.Good to know that options working properly.He’s been busy buying lots of stuff off my wishlist as well.Maybe he deserves a video?

I will say someone paid me with paypal….probably you should contact me and let me know what you wanted cuz, I don’t seem to know.lol

I did recieve this from brandilynn

I see you are advertising your sites. It turns me on, you should use me as an example, in your adds, how you overpower sissy boys. You always can hit me up for a video god you turn me on. I hope someday you forgive my cuntness.
sissy Brandi

Course I never heard back from Monica after I sent her the video she requested…maybe she’s out getting some cock already.

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