New Site? I think no


So I’ve decided that I’m going to keep using for the members. I’ll probably just work on improving it.
I’ve spent all weekend uploading some videos I sold.(I have a very slow connection, so even today I’m finishing up the last 10 or so)
Once they are done loading I will get the updates done for the site. As I’ve said they will be newer updates so the members of my Site can be seeing the newer content first.

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blog updates

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Weekend Wickedness

So some updates.

Lukes still a cunt.
Trixibitch thinks she’s hotter than Brandilynn? hmm….prove it
Brandilynn is still working on her diet.
Smoke pig has apparently never come across a girl with a real dark side smoking fetish, because he keeps calling me and compulsively stroking his cock.

Oh yes….Princess. Must I? He must not like being on ignore. He managed to get through my niteflirt line to talk to me. Oh memories….for him. Not me.
Anyone else worth mentioning?….probably not.

Cam Shows
Obviously I rarely do these anymore. I prefer to make you a video if you want to see me. In fact my niteflirt lines are racked up to 6.66 a minute just so people WON”T call. However if you feel the need to still call at that price I’ll take it. There’s several reasons for this really.
1. My cams usually running on my website so people can see me live. Do I really want to be taking random cam shows where people expect me to fuck myself (though I’m sure the guys on my site wouldn’t mind. I kind of do.)
2. That’s not really what I do anymore. I don’t need to fuck myself to keep you guys in a lustful slumber
3. My dsl line is mostly tied up trying to load the videos onto the new website right now. So it’s a bit counterproductive to do cam shows when every things already bogged down and going slow.

People ask me about my slaves all the time. Truth is I really don’t have any. Slaves annoy the fuck out of me. I will be nice enough to explain this though. I am not the typical Domme. Let’s face it I know I actually kind of do everything backwards from everyone else..but it works for me. To me people desire to be slaves simply as an excuse to be utterly stupid. I’m not okay with that. And by that I mean they do not want to think for themselves. OR women have trained them previously to not think for themselves.
A good example of this might be me asking you how do you feel? and a typical response would be “however you want me to feel mistress?”
fuck that
The problem with this is that I choose to actually have a relationship or bond with the people around me, weather it’s a slave, a client, or just a friend. And if you cannot think for yourself I loose interest. Mindless zombie boys do not turn me on.
Slave or not you should be capable of answering questions and expressing yourself to me.

Another great example of this utter stupidness is princess himself. If you need step by step instructions to smoke a cigarette. told when to light it. for me to endless count as you inhale…count as you exhale count for you how long to hold it in (i realize a lot of people are into this)
Well your pretty much worthless to me.
You know what would be more impressive? If you just fucking put it in your mouth and lit it, and did what your suppose to do WITHOUT BEING TOLD
that’s a real fucking slave to me. One who knows what I WANT and can deliver it to me without being told.

I mean what the fuck is even going on in these situations. Are you serving me? for my pleasure. I think not.
Seems more like I’m stooping down to your level to serve you and provide what get’s you off. Yet, a lot of chicks fall for this…without even realizing they are the ones on the bottom,spending all their time serving the guys desires by giving constant instructions, doing all the thinking

A lot of people refer to themselves as my slaves. They are not. Buying a video once or twice a month and paying the same price everyone else pays doesn’t count as being a slave. It means your just another client. ( and there’s nothing wrong with just being a client. I tend to like them the most)

In my experience doing this there’s really 3 categories of men.
Clients,fans and slaves.
I have tons of clients.
Even more fans
And an almost nonexistance of slaves.

What really set’s them apart. As I said clients pay me for a service , and I give it to them, weather it’s a show, a video, a phone call.

Fans…well, almost more annoying than wanna be slaves. These would be the people who stalk all your content. Claim to love you, be addicted to you, can’t get enough of you, and overall look for anything and everything free they can possibly find all while never spending 1$ on you.
Be a fanboy all you want. But that doesn’t pay my bills and you won’t get my attention. This category of men totally explains how people can become famous and still be broke.

And slaves….well I can think of my cunt luke who is probably the only current person I would consider a slave.Yet even he has a lot to learn. WHY? well he thinks for himself. He does please me. I do not have to tell him to send money…in fact he normally even sends extra. He sends presents without being told. He shows a true interest in what I do and helps to promote it.
When I tell him to do something he doesn’t need the how when where and whys, he just makes it happen.

Can a client wanna be slave become a slave….sure.
You want to change my opinion of you then do something to change it. Simply calling yourself a slave and verbally confessing your servitude doesn’t cut it for me though.
There’s a whole wishlist out there…go make it smaller.
Buy my cigarettes
Don’t confess your loyalty to me and let me catch you stalking other bitches or buying their clips.(nothing wrong with doing so. And I’d never tell someone not to or try to convince them otherwise…but then be happy with client status huh?
Send extra when you pay for a video.

There’s a lot of ways to get my attention I’m not going to list em. That is for you to come up with and act upon.Snapshot 1 (3-13-2014 11-39 AM)

In general slaves tend to be time wasters and expect even more of your time and attention. I’m guessing this is because they are already broke, and don’t think they can be a client, so they try to go for slave status, thinking less will be expected of them. WRONG much much more will be expected.

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New Members Area

Snapshot 1 (3-13-2014 11-47 PM)


I have created a new members area. Some people are against this but I really do not care. It has enough pro’s for me to deem it worthy. The biggest one being saving me hours of coding. And the ability for you to sign up without having to go through me HOWEVER>….. I have noticed many people creating names on there and then not paying.
I am assuming this is because you do not like the choices you have to choose from(though I don’t really know what you expected. Biggest complaint I get is there is no pp….duh? Like Pp would be an option on an adult related site? lol), or are to broke to have a credit card. You DO NOT have to use the choices provided. You can still pay me directly like always and I can create an account for you.

I am still trying to get videos loaded. Frankly I have a life and I’m doing my best. It pretty much probably only equates to 2-3 videos uploaded a day, but hey I try. and really I guess if you do the math it shouldn’t take overly to long to get a pretty good supply up.

I have checked the site myself and it is mobile friendly. But I will not be responsible for any car accidents.

By becoming a member of course you get access to all my videos. The option to download them will not always be there, I am doing my best to fight that option and get it disabled…something else many of you don’t agree with. I don’t give a fuck. I haven’t worked for 12 years just so someone can come in and download everything I’ve done within a month.

You also get access to my live cam which I run about every night. Typically between 2am-7am
This is NOT a show cam. Chances are you will not see me naked or fucking myself. So please don’t bother if that is your intentions. I’m not a slut here to entertain you. There’s plenty of those on the internet elsewhere.
It is however for you to have the honor of being able to sit around and chill with me.
For the smoking fetishists certainly there will be a lot of smoking.
I do typically run my niteflirt lines at night when I’m on my cam. So you may also get to see me taking live calls.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that if you do sign up on the site using the sign up provided on it, YOU WILL BE REBILLED automatically.
I know a lot of people don’t like this (I don’t like this either) But it is what it is and you were warned.

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Religious Downfall

So when I was out yesterday I found a really cool item I decided to get. This was actually found in a christian thrift shop

Some other things I ran into on my journey…..

So updates…hmm
Well my computer is acting up so much that I gave in and just ordered a cheaper one. But it’s still way better than my current one so I’m happy. So thank you to “the addict”‘ who helped me get enough money to order it.

I’ve decided to get rid of this dog that you often hear barking in my videos lol. And no his barking isn’t why he has to go. He’s just to rough. I got him from a shelter shortly after I moved into this house. I am going to return him back to the shelter so they can keep working with him and find him someone more appropriate to deal with him. Ironically you of course have to pay to get a dog from a shelter…who knew you had to pay to take them back also? Yup they are charging me 45 bucks to bring him back lol

Now onto the bad news. I know this may piss many of you off. I frankly don’t care.
I am pulling all the 2evil4u clips down off the store for my own personal reasons. This does not mean I won’t still make them. It doesn’t mean you can’t still buy them or see them.
Basically when I make a new one I will still upload it to the store. I will leave it there for a few days…you’ll either buy it during that time or you won’t. If you don’t manage to get it before I pull it back down then you can always email me at to purchase them. OR you could just join the site and watch them all. will not be affected by this decision. All those videos and future videos will still appear on the site for everyone to watch….privately. As they really should be anyway.

I’m a little tired of being told I’m to paranoid about this. Truth is yes it probably is. Do I care? Fuck no. Because when you are a parent you cannot be to paranoid. It is my job to protect my kids, therefore I will.

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Jesus is a cunt

How are you guys doing.
A few updates. I’ve been busy the last few days getting things ready for my tarot card readings. I’m a big believer in not having all the eggs in one basket. And no I’m not leaving you guys, I just wanted something else to do on the side. So probably I will eventually add a page for that on my site. They are kinda meant to co-mingle anyway.

So what’s up with my guys/gurls….
Daniella wants to take female hormones to be my ho
I spent some time on the phone with chrissy making him swallow ashes and eat cigarettes.
Brandilynn is still working on loosing weight but has pretty much failed to actually check in and tell me how much(mostly cuz she doesn’t want to know the numbers)
I guess that’s forgivable

My new computer chair showed up from robert(so happy)
Several presents from my cunt Luke have arrived. In fact I wore one of them in Daniellas last video (so hot even I loved that shirt)

I was speaking to a girl about doing videos for/with me but she seems a little distracted by her acid trips right now.
It’s unbelievably hard to actually find chicks as motivated as I am I guess.
And one crossdresser girl whom a lot of you may know of…but we will see.

I guess today we will go old school for the picture. This is one from probably 2003 So much more innocent I was back then.

I’ve also decided to start a skype confrence with my site members. So if you are one of my site members just leave me your skype name so I can add you. No you don’t have to get on webcam, you can just type and chat with me throughout the day, whenever you have time since most of the time I am at my computer. I get lonely. heh And it’s possible sometimes I may turn my cam on

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Do me dirty

So what to talk about today…

Luke only has 2 more videos of hell. Frankly there was only really 2 tasks for him to complete in the whole set. But the last one should be fun…and quite a challenge. I give luke tasks all the time actually…he claims to complete them. I’ve never questioned.
But hey cunt…this is for satans approval afterall…I demand proof this time that you screwed that young little church girl.I don’t care how when…where. But I do require it. Otherwise I may withhold the very last 9th video to myself. And well…that would be a shame, it’s the best one. The one where I perform a satanic ritual to sacrifice you to satan. And I do know how hard you’d get off watching that….so don’t make me hide that video…forever.

So I’ve been thinking lately about returning to live cam. I’ve been considering where because I miss hanging out with you guys and frankly I’m pretty burnt out making these videos. Not that I’ll stop. But I probably won’t do it as much. If you make a request of course I’ll do it. I’ve never been one to appreciate those live cam rooms and be expected to entertain a room full of guys, so I don’t know what I’ll do yet.

So far I have turned back on my phone lines and redone my niteflirt listings so you can at least call me.

Also I know I’ve been quite covered in my videos for a while. I decided today to show you why.

This is a spot that’s on one of my legs. There’s a big area on my other leg as well. Including one of my arms. I’ve been dealing with this for around 2 years. There’s really not a cure for it which is why I’ve not been to a doctor. But I got tired of scratching the shit out of myself recently and tried to make an appointment. They couldn’t or wouldn’t….see me for 4 months.
I only have a month left to wait but I’ve decided I can’t wait that long. So I’m finally sucking it up and driving to a city to see a doctor next thursday. Hopefully they can do something to help me. Until then I figure it’s nicer of me to cover myself up than allow you to have to look at this. It wasn’t that big of an issue when I was using a webcam but now with the camcorder it picks it up a lot better. So I tend to cover up, wear long sleeves or at least put on pantyhose.

Also as I posted on the clip store I’ll repeat here there are missing videos on the 2evil4u store. If you come across missing numbers and are curious, or your one who collects my videos just simply email me
You can purchase the missing videos directly from me. They aren’t gone forever they have just been pulled down because they weren’t overly appropriate to begin with.

As always all videos do go up on so that is another option to see the missing files that aren’t on the store.

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Sin and Bones

So I guess I should do some updates it’s been a while.
I went shopping last night. Tho I admit I’m not really a big spender, I save most of my money to pay off bills. I did use some of Lukes money to purchase a jesus/virgin mary candle that was calling to me. That’s not all of course I’ve purchased several new things for videos.

But onto the updates. As some of my older clients have pointed out I have gained a lot of weight.For the record though what do you think really happens if you don’t see someone for 6 years lol.If you don’t like there’s many other girls out there. I’m not getting any younger here. And I’ve already explained the weight. I’ve struggled with my health a lot this year. Been to the doctor several times although never finding anything really wrong with me. I do have a major mt dew (soda pop) addiction. I’m sure that’s the cause of most of it. But why should I give up what I enjoy just so you have something nice to look at? Isn’t that what I preach in the first place. Pleasure,self indulgence…sin? So fuck off if you don’t like it. I have 4 kids, I’d say I’m not doing terribly. It could be a lot worse. It’s a nice fantasy a lot of men have going that this ISN’T a job for most of us girls. And somehow we are just nympho robotic chicks that are just always at the computer with no lives never aging and never changing awaiting for you to have the urge to jerk your dicks….but your delusional.

So Luke is on his way to hell.
Brandilynn is on a journey to loose weight and be sexier for sin
Robert is still in denial that he is a smoker
Brett is still working on becoming a fag
Monica is still MIA- she musta choked on her newest pacifier

I’m sure there’s more but I don’t feel like thinking about it. If I forgot you maybe you should try harder to make it into my thoughts. There are certainly a couple more but honestly you annoy me. I have several at the moment wanting videos and such, yet you haven’t paid? Your gonna be waiting quite a long time huh.

So onto something more fun. More pics of Luke I didn’t post before. As if I don’t punish him enough…but proof is always nice.

I used two large candles to cover my penis and balls in wax for you.  It hurt a great deal.  What hurt almost as much is taking the wax off.  I am quite hairy and that also hurt, especially around my balls

2013-12-29 12.35.45

2013-12-29 12.36.07

I’m a little dissapointed he didn’t mention pleasure at all. Apparently he doesn’t share my love of heat lol.

So the goal for this month is to save up enough to finally get a new computer. This ones just incredibly slow for me to be working on. And it’s possible I may return to cam sessions online or hanging out with you guys somewhere once I get a new one.
So current target is 1600 dollars
Saved so far…440 dollars
Remaining to get…1160 dollars

I am using my clips money to pay for this. But feel free to donate…or buy a lot of clips
Preferably directly from me since clips4sale takes a large chunk of whatever I make.

It’ll drop my placement if you don’t purchase from them which sucks, but more moneys always nice too.

I don’t know that I’ll really get the whole 1600 this month,I am realistic and expected this to take 2 months. But goals are always fun to set.

I guess I should also add it’s entirely possible my you tube account will be going down soon. Obviously some catty bitches have their panties in a bunch currently and are trying to get me banned. It’s no biggie it’s happened before. And it doesn’t keep me away, so have no fear, I’ll pop right back up BUT…what does this mean for you.

Well it means all the people who choose to pay me to post to youtube instead of taking the videos from me will likely loose all their videos. This is wonderful for ME(as I really dislike having all that free content up in the first place) But bad for you lol

So when this happens…and it will because I’m such a bad girl you will no longer have access to your videos. That’s just kinda the chance you take by choosing to recieve your videos in this manner. Mind you the videos still exist inside my members area on but they are not even close to all being up yet.

As we know I have a video library that dates back 5 years, and even though I generally add around 3 videos a week to my site for updates it’s still going to take forever for a lot of them to ever appear. I try to go back and hit the older ones, but then people bitch they want to see new content, so at this point I try to do a mix of both.

However if your buying a membership into my site to see new content then that’s a bad choice. I am a business woman after all. And loading much new content defeats the whole purpose of my clip store. If you want something new buy the clip. I don’t want my site and clip store being counter productive to each other. Hope you understand.

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Down with the sickness

I’m such baby when I get sick. I always go into it so optimistic though, like I’ll be fine in a day or two. Then the next thing I know a week goes by. So I’m sorry for my absence but I feel better now.
But I even though I was missing the weekend wasn’t horrible.
Slowly taking over the mindfuck category on clips4sale

And some of the religious clips have hit the top 5 so yayc4

Keep buying em up.This month will be an overdose of clips I’m sure because I had quite a bit of money saved to try to get myself a new computer. This ones just almost intolerable. Cheap piece of shit. Over the weekend while I was sick I tried to play starcraft with my kids….ya right. Computer lags so bad I look like a newb, haha. I love starcraft I’m such a nerd.
Anyway all the money I had saved up for the new computer is gone now because apparently the state thinks I should pay them some tax money lol. Or maybe I should just take your tax money when you get it?

On the plus side I did pay off 900 dollars of debt I had last month so moving here has relieved a lot of my stress and I am actually making progress now. Yes, as you can tell in some of my videos, all the walls here aren’t complete yet and it looks kinda shitty. But what do you think I do with your money? lol. Least you know what your paying for? haha

No seriously I stopped working on the walls a bit ago when it started snowing and getting to cold. I’m not a happy person when it’s cold.I go into hiding like a bear. When it warms back up I will finish getting the walls and trim up. The house is livable most of the walls are done now.
I just need to finish 1 bathroom wall and a porch area. At some point maybe I’ll buy myself a bed. But oddly enough I’ve never actually had a bed and I’m 36 years old so why worry much about it now.

I use to sleep on a king size matress on the floor. In the past several years I’ve slept on a couch. Right now there’s 2 couches pushed together that form my bed. Oh and a bedroom door would be great haha

I know a lot of you are frustrated with me for not being online or doing live shows much anymore. I really say that’s tough shit. All the spam messages I get are slightly irritating, I have posted many times that if you want to see me I’ll only do it on a friday. And even if there is a slight chance any other day(no harm in asking) I still won’t do it past 3pm. Yes, I do know how inconvinient this is. These are the hours most people work. (but then why assume I’m any different than you?)
Why is it I should be expected to be here and waiting for you AFTER I’ve already worked just because your now off work.

I did that for about 10 years. Being around whenever people wanted me to. I can’t say it’s healthy. Some want you at 10pm, some at 4am, whatever I’m done with all of that. I’m finally able to sleep at night again and function like a real person not a robot zombie.
People expect me to make exceptions because they’ve been such loyal customers or because they will pay me extra.
I do appreciate my customers. I sometimes just wonder if they have common sense. That’s like me going to the store and asking why they can’t just open up at 3am because damnit I’ve been loyal and coming there for 10 years.

I realize you wanna get off. Maybe find a new girl? Or buy a video it’s not that complex. I know live is better for some of you. There’s tons of other fish in the sea though, stop spamming me.

That was the whole point of me moving. So I did not have to work unless I wanted to. I do have a family. And after 3pm I belong to them now. Get over it.

I also do not work on weekends.

The truth is I do not need to work at all now. I still choose to work because I enjoy it to much to quit and this is what I want to do. Anything I do now is simply for my own pleasure. To help fix my house. Buy myself new shoes. New clothes. Upgrade my video equipment.Buy a new pool? heh
But isn’t this what we all strive for in life. To get into a position that’s comfortable and stress free that you can work less and enjoy life. Don’t hate just because I’ve accomplished that.
Let us not forget I did work my ass off for 10 years being at every ones beck n call. But I don’t think that means I owe you now.

Work smarter not harder people.
It works.

Giving up on stupid dreams that are just never going to work out helps to. I know this is getting long but I also know some of you enjoy reading my ramblings so I will explain how I got to this place.

Before I moved I was like most people and wanted to accomplish a lot and have nice shit. I worked my ass off because I had to.I lived in probably one of the biggest houses in my town. 3 story plus a basement. I can’t even tell you how many rooms the house had, other than it was more than 25. I could still be there now working my butt off and never really making any progress.
I lived there for 12 years or so. And yea I could afford it. But I couldn’t afford to ever fix anything that broke.I couldn’t go out or give my kids money if they needed it. That house needed around 100k dollars worth of fixing.
And the monthly utilities in the winter time were around 1k. Add that into the actual house payment and you have about 1700 dollars a month payment just to be there. It sucked, and for years I always said it’s fine I can make the payment just have to work harder….and I did. But at some point common sense has to kick in. You just get to tired and ask yourself is this worth it. Yes I have a nice big house…but we all hopefully learn money and nice things aren’t everything.

So I didn’t have to leave. One day I just decided fuck it, I’m not paying it.And I started saving the money instead. Then I bought my current house for 6k dollars…yes only 6k dollars.It was a dump believe me. Nothing could be saved. And everything had to be torn out and thrown away. So I pretty much started over with just a house frame. There are only 6 rooms and a little porch in this new house and they are all very tiny. The outside of this house has all new siding and looks very nice now. As I said most of the inside is now done also other than adding new trim. And it didn’t take much money to do it. Purchasing and redoing this house cost WAY less than anything else I could have tried to get. Everyone said I shouldn’t do it. I was crazy blah blah. Best choice I ever made. I probably only have 15k in this house, if that.I’m thinking closer to 10k

Now I have a house I can turn into whatever I want. It can be as nice as I want it to be. I’m not over ran with bills and stuck never making progress. And I have a kick ass lake view!

Life is really whatever we make it to be.If you choose to be stuck then that’s on you. But for me I’ve learned sometimes just walking away is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Maybe that’ll at least inspire some of you.

On another note there’s suppose to be a huge snow storm here tomorrow. We’ll see. Hopefully it doesn’t knock out any power.

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Just wanted to say there will be a seperate series for the succubus videos in the smoking section. I know many of you were excited about them, but if your more into the smoking stuff you should probably wait a day or so until the smoking succubus videos start popping out.
Site updates are done. Go enjoy them

There will also be a muslim sex video coming in the next day or so
Not something I do often but feel free to make requests

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