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natzi cunt

thought you might enjoy this

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I insist on being on top

Snapshot 1 (4-16-2014 7-29 AM)

So this weekend was fun. Instead of buying new countertops for the kitchen I decided to just buy a kit and redo them. It actually worked. So if any of you want to make your wives very happy check out these kits, they come in many colors

I also got the new tiles installed on my kitchen floor, and part of my bathroom floor done.

I don’t think I’m fully better yet, I have had a low temperature for like 15 days but whatever. I feel better anyway.

I woke up this morning to the neighbor kid driving a motocycle through my driveway so that was pleasant. I can tell this summer is going to be fun trying to work. Kids are out of school today and tomorrow for easter break. I guess I’ll just try to get some scripts written I can do later.
I often don’t have time to prepare much so don’t forget I love it when you guys send me short scripts or videos ideas, makes a lot less work for me and gets videos out a lot faster for you.

I also got the garden tiled. Not that anything ever grows for me. Last year it was actually growing until the hail storm came I guess and destroyed everything.

My house is over run with ants. I have mint plants attempting to grow in the kitchen, which probably just means the sherriffs going to show up again and confiscate my “pot plants” like he did to my tomato plants years ago. I have the worst luck. Anyway we’ll see if it works. I have heard planting mint around your house keeps them from wanting to come inside.

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The tits are fake, but my penis is real


I’ve been so sick lately. I apologize. At least I’m not really bed ridden anymore. I did buy myself that bicycle I wanted. I was even finally strong enough to take it out last night. Kinda a mistake, suppose I should have healed a bit more. My asthma tends to kick in when I get ill. Plus I think I have a touch of bronchitis. So it wasn’t a fun journey.Being a smoker in general probably makes it hard to do such things. I wonder if it will get easier. I should have known it would be difficult anyway. I had a custom video I was suppose to be making yesterday. Simple concept…smoke two 120s while doing the dishes naked.
Simple yes….easy hell no. I think I would struggle smoking 2 of them on a good day let alone a day I’m sick. So we will just call this a video fail.(however nothings really a fail is it? A lot of coughing which is still entirely sellable, just not to the person who wanted it lol)
Hands free smoking is not my strong point. I haven’t ever mastered the ability to not get it up my nose, in my eyes, and manage to breath
So I tried to actually charge the dude less, and offer him what I had and was capable of but no…he wants what he wants. I don’t blame him. But it’s not likely to happen.

I’m kinda running out of time to have use of the kitchen anyway. Kids are out of school for the next week due to easter. But aside from that I have one getting out of school totally and graduating.I don’t think he’ll want me walking around naked.It’s funny I remember posting how excited I was that they were finally in school and I could work…now they are graduating? seriously

I hope you guys are enjoying the new site layout more. Easier to separate the videos. I looked at it earlier today though and the blog seems to be gone? Has anyone seen it? lol.
Good thing I never used it anyway, cuz I dunno where it went.I suppose it might not be an option on the new layout which is…weird.
But speaking of blogs I found something some of you may be entertained to see.


I have spent the last week going over the internet and deleting just about everything related to myself.You’ll notice a lot of the sites I was on no longer exist and such.
Odd to spend 14 years building up your name just to delete it yes, but…so what. At some point you have to make a choice where this is going. My choice….it’s not going anywhere.I already accomplished the goal I had.I decided to yank down everything that I don’t really use or ever intend to use.
Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. But I don’t exactly have an interest in building an empire anymore.I prefer to be a private person and keep to myself. And along with that it means keeping myself off the internet as much as I can.Or at least the things not everyone really needs to see.

Plus over the last 14 years the name sinistress and sinocalypse both have been snagged by many other people. I think there’s even a band at this point going by the sinocalypse name.
And I’m sure we all seen the sinicalypse dude accusing me of stealing his name on my twitter.Clothing lines named sinistress,and dolls not to mention all the gamers that took it over.A long time ago I was considering trademarking the names, personally I’m glad I didn’t though.For the same reasons I never show up to vegas when I’m invited or make public appearances anywhere else. Maybe when I started and was 23 years old I would have wanted to push this as far as I can and get my name out there”be famous” and get rich and all that good stuff. But that’s not really who I am anymore.Anymore the less attention I draw to myself the better I think.

So this old blog is one of the things I found out there. Yes it does say kandee…that’s how old it is. It’s so old sinistress didn’t even exist yet.However there are some interesting dates on there. You can see where I did take the name sinistress. The day I got my first webcam. days when I was trying to get knocked up.Overall you can see me learning how to do this,and how innocent I was at the time. You won’t hear me say half of that crap ever again that’s for sure.I woulda taken it down, but i can’t remember my password lol.

Also my first 2 sites are unable to be pulled down. I suppose when yahoo did a wipe people came in and archieved crap and now they are just stuck there forever. If you can find the archives kandeesplayground.com and sinistressownsyou.com are mostly backed up in it. I’d link em but I can only get the links to work half of the time.

There’s also this older blog http://sinocalypse.blogspot.com/?zx=bc0bf3f135817c53

There’s always so much I want to do and never enough time to do it.I literally have notebooks filled with video ideas, that I just never get around to doing.I would like to thank those who have noticed and appreciated the asmr videos I have done. Some have even asked for more, this excites me a lot.
Obviously I don’t make real asmr videos.there’s really nothing sexual about them. I mean let’s be honest ASMR is meant to relax and help you sleep, or just in general make you feel good. It’s not a sexual thing. And I’m very much aware of these facts. I do have a genuine interest in ASMR, as I use it myself every night to help myself sleep.

But because of my job I combined my asmr passion with my videos. Are they really asmr? probably not. I don’t think you could really be getting many asmr triggers while Jerking off.And jerking off certainly doesn’t probably put you to sleep….least not till after. So it’s all kinda tricky. So really they are probably just softly spoken sensual videos. Although no matter what you want to call it it is growing in popularity. I’m still one of the few doing it, at least on clips4sale. And the real asmr community is always going to be offended by it.But my guess is over the next year or 2 your going to find many more people doing it.

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Bad Girls Deserve A Good Licking


I just wanted to say I’ve spent the last several days going back and tagging every video on my site, so that they will show up in the new site layout as categories. It should make it easier for you to separate the religious videos from the smoking videos, but not only that it now gives me the ability to be able to add other girls videos.

I have thousands of videos for the site but was always hesitant to post them because I didn’t really want them mixed in with my own. It is MY official site after all.

I do know you guys want more religious videos up. I’m working on it. Thing is my internet connections just really slow where I live now. It took me a total of 6-8 hours just to get Cunt his video, and then put it up on the clip store….and it’ll be another 3-4 hours I’m sure to get it up on model centro too. Granted that video is larger than most at about 700mb, but if you figure that’s at least 9-12 hours spent on one video,not even counting the time to make it…it’s no wonder I don’t really get a damn thing done.

I’ve been using my webcam for most videos now because it tends to keep them in smaller files than my camcorder. If it’s a special video I still use the cam corder, I didn’t think there was a big amount of difference but I was told today there is…shrugs. So maybe I’ll stop doing that so often.

Also one thing I didn’t get to mention…cunt. Is that I did get your Lent idea, just a little to late. It was already over or close. However I really liked the concept and plan to still make the video anyway. Because I’m sin. And if I want to take shit away from you I can….anytime I want. I’m not religious so I didn’t give a fuck about your lent anyway. It’s better this way. I am your religion. You’ll sacrifice when I say to.

And speaking of religion, I often do updates on my sinjunkies, even though most of them are slacking right now. I suppose I need to go do some advertising and pick up new ones. We all remember Mikisbi’s greatest dream was to sell his soul. I haven’t updated this for a long time. Mostly because he backed out, as I suspected he would.Odd really though to make it through almost half of it and then quit…maybe he just likes giving me money for nothing.

And none of the several emails I got from jealous people who also liked this idea ever went through with the task either. Maybe none of you have the balls.(or in reality the 1k dollars it required)
So for now all my soul stealing gems are empty. Maybe some day someone will come along and complete the task.There were only 4 gems I believe, I don’t quite remember, but I was so looking forward to using them.

So I also came across an erotic list of asmr videos. This caught my attention of course because I am one of the few who originally started this concept. So I thought to myself…what are the chances I’m on this list.
Well obviously being one of the few to do it the chances were great. I was right.
Sadly these videos were never posted anywhere other than the clip store.

So it’s amusing someone would go into the store to buy it, steal it and repost it on xhampster.
But guess what? It lasted only 5 minutes on that site after I saw it.

I’ll admit it’s hard to track down the videos. Especially if you have thousands of them as I do. And people are sometimes(not usually) smart enough to not use my name on the video. Which makes them even harder to locate. Yes this could be at least free advertising if I water marked them. It would also cause some people to not want to steal them at all.Believe me I get that. And I do wish I could water mark them but choices have to be made in this business.

So the reason why sin does not watermark her videos to protect them is because if I did, then I would not be able to resell them off to other people. And no I don’t mean you, customers,fans,clients.
I am talking about the brokers. Other websites. Other girls interested in content for their sites. No one wants to put up a video in their members area, and have a www.sinocalypse.com logo all over the video. That’s a dead give a way that whatever site they are putting it on, didn’t produce it, it’s not exclusive.

So my content is clean, so I can resell it. Even if I don’t do much of that now, I like to leave the future open. I’m only getting older here. But at least in the future I could possibly have thousands of videos to sell off. But not if they looked like that.

It’s kinda amusing listening to some of the other girls chat. Freaking out about just turning 32 and being to old to “do this” anymore. And I’m thinking wow then…I must be ancient? I am getting close to 40. And I’ll have you know not ONCE have I ever felt to old to do this.In fact I doubt I’ll ever stop. Sure I have my moments of disappearing for bits of time. But I’m always here. If anything drives me away from this it won’t be my age. It will be all the changing scary laws.

So also model centro is eventually going to have everything I require to function. Eventually there will be stores on the site. You know to buy videos. Rather than get a membership. As well as the ability to sell other things. Panties,used cigarettes who knows.
Also the ability to create our own pages. So I can finally move my fetishscript links over to it.

Possibly the ability to turn downloading the pics and videos on for certain people. Meaning maybe if you were a constant member for 6-12 months I’d be willing to allow you to download the videos.That seems reasonable and a nice reward.
But there’s no way I’m letting someone come in and pay 20-30 bucks and download every video in there or worse. the 1 day trial thing. I already have enough proof of where they end up at.

One of the biggest reasons I haven’t shut down sinocalypse.com is simply because model centro also does not offer me away to make email addresses. Sinocalypse.com offers me unlimited amount of emails.
Why do I need that…..well for you.A lot of people seem to have issues using their cards and paying for a membership. They can easily pay me in their own way, and then I make them and email and sign them up and issue them a password by hand.However apparently model centro does not approve of this, and will be cracking down on it as well.
So I will no longer be able to help you.

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Don’t fuck with me, I fuck back!

Snapshot 1 (4-16-2014 7-40 AM)Summer is coming. I’m way more functional when the weather is nice. I hate to be cold! Which as many of you have been around me long enough to know means, I’ll be more active and around more.
Yay for you.

I guess I could do an update on some people.

Robert- still won’t admit he’s a smoker but his smoking has gone up over the years.Let’s face it, if your smoking a pack a day you ARE a smoker.




Cunt- Does he even deserve the name luke anymore? He seems to have a romance going with my imaginary dog buttfucker.
On that note I almost considered getting another rottweiler. I use to have one she was the love of my life, until she passed away.
I was so close to considering it, but let’s face it, poor thing could never be in my videos. And I also remembered all the drool and farting and ….gags

So for now I’ll just thank all the people who took interest in buttfucker. He’s been around for many many years but seems to be growing in popularity as more people are requesting appearances from him. Amusing….Who knew I could make imaginary pets famous.Just imagine the possibilities if he were real. And your damn right at this point if I had one, I’d totally name it buttfucker.

Shiny- Still probably fighting with hiself weather he’s going to stuff another blank envelope full of cash and send it to me, but eh…we all know he will.

Princess- who gets so tickled when I mention him here. Still whiny, still bitchy and never satisfied really with the videos he’s given. I wonder why he keeps sending money then? Hmm.

So the goal in the next few months is to get cash…of course. It’s summer . Sin always needs cash.

I must buy a bicycle. I’ve decided it’s one form of excersize I can actually stand. Goal-200.00
Buy a pool. I had one for years, but over time they really just give out. Time for a new one.Goal-1000.000

And as with everyone else in life I need 3k to pay off my taxes

So that is the summers goals for me.

Anything extra will probably be used to do some more work on my house and pay off my cars. I think I owe another 7k or so and both of my vehicles will be paid off.

As we all know I typically stick to making videos for the most part now. Years ago I was on realtouch interactive but that kinda fell through I did enjoy it quite a bit. There are similar products about now which I’ve been considering. Such as Kiiroo. It’s of course a curious thing to me, to allow the sinjunkies to actually virtually fuck me. And those who have, enjoyed it quite a lot. The products typically all work the same where the male gets pleasure from whatever the female is doing on her end. It would be great the day it works both ways, but it’s a little more difficult I suppose to give us a realistic cock.Besides I guess I kind of prefer them to have no ability to control my side, some dudes are dicks lets face it.
Problem with these technological toys is they aren’t as free as your hand. This ones cheaper, running about 150ish I think.
So men have to cough up about 150 bucks to interact with my mouth and pussy. Worth it? Well I think so, but I’ll let you be the judge.

There’s also controversy about these products as they make things more intimate, and the female literally is giving pleasure to the guy. Prostitution much? Well I personally do not think so but whatever. It is the exchange of sexual pleasure for cash.Even though I still think there’s a lack of actual touching. Everyone has their own opinions.

So cunt has been quite curious about my personal sex life. And why shouldn’t he be? I’d did post some interesting facts about myself. So to answer your questions cunt, yes things have improved. I get laid a lot more now since my little outburst. No he doesn’t know I mentioned it on my blog, he never looks at my work. In fact he’s improved so much I might not hesitate actually making videos with him. Course that could all just be to much beer. shrugs.

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Live streaming


So I know I posted saying I won’t be streaming my game play and smoking. But I decided to give one last thing a shot. LTE internet. After my test run this morning with it, it is working and kicking some ass. I’m impressed. Unfortunately because it’s not typical internet it costs a ton to pay for the data plans.
I broadcast on twitch which in a way works a lot like youtube, where you can get subscribers and paid for ads and such which means…if I acquire a good amount of subscribers I will attempt to sign up for their program. Which charges people 4.99 a month to watch me. Sucky yes, but it’s the only way I can really afford to do this. Plus if u can’t hand over 5 bucks a month to stare at me for hours, you really don’t need to be watching me anyway.In which case enjoy it while it’s free.

I may start turning on my members camera while I’m playing so that you guys get to see me there, that already pay. It’s better than the nothing you already get to see. You won’t be able to enjoy the game I’m playing that way though, nor will I really respond to you. So it’s more like a voyuer cam.

I typically post to twitter when I’m logging in to stream, so make sure your following that if you want to know when to come hang out with me. For the most part though it’s usually between 7-10pm central time. It won’t be to often though because I’m limited to only 30 gb of time right now since that alone is quite expensive.

Also my weekly schedule
Monday,tuesday,wednesday I’m normally in a 3 hour session each day
Thursday and friday I try to record videos
And saturday and sunday I try not to do shit.

Point of this is if you do want a video made, maybe you should ask me by thursdays.Then you would have it by the weekend when you want it. If you wait till the weekend to ask me, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy it on the weekend cuz I won’t get it made.

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What doesn’t kill you…..makes you wish you were dead.

Snapshot 1 (1-26-2014 4-10 AM)

Hope everyone had a good valentines. Yea it’s a little late but I went back and forth about weather or not to share mine.

So when I woke up my husband presented me with my gift. A lovely red toolbox.The kind that’s really like a step stool.
In his defense yes I did a while back mention I wanted one.Because I’m fuckin short.So I guess it was kind of considerate.This is probably not what I would have chosen as a gift at all, but men do have strange ways of thinking.

So later I made lunch and proceeded to go tell him it was done. I walked in on him masturbating. Yes, I’m kind and pretended to not notice.He’s really not a sexual person, or one who does this. So I struggled for a bit of weather to hold it against him that he chose this day to do it. Or be proud of him.

Yea I guess the man is a little confused in life relationships. So anyway I kept my mouth shut…..until probably 12 hours later when I blurted it out cuz that’s how I am.If somethings bothering me you can rest assured you’ll hear about it…eventually.
At that point I just made it clear women don’t want tool boxes for valentines or to find their men wanking alone….

And for the record this has nothing to do with valentines day.It’s just another day to me. I’m not really big on holidays or special occasions.I feel like I should get laid everyday. lol

So he says to me ” I guess I’ll have to try harder to give you what you want then.”
And I’m like ” you mean the cock?! It’s not that hard, the cock that’s all I want.”
“um…yea that”

So then I proceeded to explain to him that maybe if he did try it more often rather than every 2-3 months he might actually be able to handle screwing me. So I challenged him to just try it for a week.
He made it for 2 days.
Oh well back to the usual I guess.

So why am I sharing this…well it’s simple. I hate getting on here and posting a bunch of updates or porn related crap. I like to keep it a little more personal. Also I like to share that my life is far from perfect. I get emails all the time about how rich I must be.Which is a lie. I live paycheck to paycheck same as a lot of people do.I worked last week just to repair my dryer that quit.

People also assume because of my job that my lifes full of steamy sex. Another lie.I have sex every few months for about 3 minutes.In fact you could probably add up the minutes a year I have sex and it would total a normal persons sex for just one occasion.

For my birthday my family had it in their heads they were going to bake me a cake.Cuz in 20 years they’ve really done nothing. So I gave my husband the money to get the cake like he asked me to.He texts me later in the day says he can’t find it. I tell him no big deal, I’m going out don’t worry about it.Which he took to mean…don’t worry about it, I’ll buy one.
OKAY well maybe I did imply that, but while I was out it occured to me that I didn’t really even want a cake. So therefore I didn’t buy one lol.Which pissed them all off.
Fine obviously the cake means way more to you than it does to me. So the next time I go out I buy a god damn cake. And you know what? It’s still sitting in there. Not baked.It’s been almost a month since my birthday.

So no I don’t have an easy or privilaged spoiled life. If anything my life would make a good sitcom.

Typically if I get anything for holidays and special days it’s gifts from my fans or customers. So when I say I appreciate you guys, I do mean it.

I guess this blog is going to be a bit longer than usual.
Onto the next thing.

I won’t be broadcasting my game play.I know some of you are disappointed you won’t get to see me cuss and chainsmoke but that’s life. As we all know my internet connection here just isn’t good enough.For about a day I considered moving back to town where I could do the things I want to do. But that’s just not going to work out.Banks are funny that way. they are not willing to give me 20k to move to another house which is all I require. They really will only work with you if you take 100k, so they know for sure they can fuck you over.

Better internet is suppose to be coming here anyway…eventually. Like in 5 years. I might wait it out.

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Watch sin live gaming


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You think I look good? Imagine how I taste.

Snapshot 3 (3-31-2014 3-58 PM)


Not much really to say today.

I just wanted to point out(again) that I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from the people I’ve made videos for overjoyed that they’ve found their videos on pornhub,or other various sites. You bitches love attention. I get it, it’s thrilling to find something about you out there on the internet for all to see.

From my perspective this is much less exciting.

I know your emailing me because your happy and want to brag, but maybe keep it to yourselves if you like it. Because what happens when you tell me about it is I immediately contact the website and threaten them. Then poof magically goes your video.
I won’t go into a rant here about why they don’t belong there, how it affects me, or even the rest of this industry, just giving you a little warning that if you enjoy them being there so much, why do you tell me? Lol

Some people actually do occasionally email me for the right reasons so that I can remove them and I thank you. But this is much more rare.

Lately you guys have just been saying hey i saw my video on such and such site…you don’t gimme the link or anything….maybe you know better?
Fact is I’m easy to find. It’s still gonna get yanked down.

I do not scour the internet looking for my videos. I don’t even honestly know the major porn sites anymore….or ever actually.
Free tube sites can suck my dick, I’ve never cared.But if you point it out I’ll go find it.And because I don’t bother to look I’m sure there’s a lot of stolen content out there,and yes I do consider it stolen when I see it.

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