Mourning Wood


Sorry for the delay in videos I guess it’s just that time of year everyone here’s getting ill. I shall get back on them as soon as I can. I’m sure cunt is waiting as patiently as he can,but secretly dying inside without me.

Thank you Ryan for the 20 dollar tip, it’s definately appreciated for all the hard work I haven’t been doing, heh

I am quite addicted to the destiny game. lots of newbs I have to pwn . I’m just kidding, I kinda suck at the pvp, but practice makes perfect.

I do think it’s time to upgrade from the 360 to a xbox one though cunt…maybe that’s what I want for christmas.

I know many of you still message me a lot begging to see me. Seriously I don’t really do live shows much anymore.I really only do videos by request.
I suppose at this point it’s mostly a hobby rather than a job for me, which is how I prefer it. No one likes to be made to do anything for money. So now I kinda just function when I want to.

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July 18th

Am I getting soft, I don’t even have any snazzy blog titles anymore, lol.

Not much going on just thought I’d write cuz I know some of you really enjoy it.
I’ve been spending much of my time outside trying to build myself a new closet. Adding onto a house even if it’s just a 10×10 area is actually quite expensive…blah.
So feel free to send me money. Actually I have paid for most of it myself. I need about another 200 dollars to get the remaining items.

I also recently dug a koi pond but haven’t really gotten started on that. For now it’s just a big dirt hole in my yard.
I’m a girl so the closets way more important haha.
Actually I’m not a typical girl and could really care less, but my actual room is so small I’m tired of trying to keep it clean, it’s almost impossible. Removing my clothes/shoes out of this room would help a ton. It looks like crap during videos.

So let’s cover what some sin junkies are up to.

Brett…still being seduced to forget his girlfriend and drain his balls daily for me.
Robert…still won’t admit to being a smoker
Brandilynn…after a short tantrum we may have a better understanding(and I learned she actually can speak in more than 1 sentence at a time)
Daniella… a whore
Trixie…has a new mistress but some how still messages me that I give her no attention…eh I wonder why? lol

I always feel like I’m forgetting people and I probably am

Don’t forget to contact me if you want custom videos from Lilith. She is having a rough time right now and could use our love.
She is also on niteflirt occasionally and has her own website which is listed on

I am also on niteflirt most nights between 10-midnight sometimes earlier.

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Bleed for me

I was suppose to be cleaning my room right now. See how distractable I am. I’ll do anything to get out of it.
Just figured I’d update since I haven’t for a while.

The new websites going great, people seem to be enjoying the videos. Do not forget Lilith has her own site also, since I did not wish to combine our videos.

Also please don’t forget you can sign up and promote my site and make money off of me. Wouldn’t you like some of that cash you spend on me back? Lol just look for the affiliate program.

Please stop emailing me to tell me my youtube account is gone. Believe me I know…what a relief?!! haha, I’m such a cunt. Don’t worry there is a new one. There always will be, just look up sinistress or sinocalypse I’m seriously not that hard to find yall.

I also wanted to mention I am typically on every night between 9-midnight or so, except the days I don’t feel like it.So go check it out just look up sinistress if you wanna smoke or get off with me

We can’t have a post without some pictures so I know some of you will enjoy this, a friend sent over to me lol

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Shopping Spree

So I finally got to go out for a weekend. Took a trip to the mall. I will be releasing some of the videos I took while I was there. I have some pics for you. Shame you can’t really smoke in public areas, they are pretty and there was already trash in the ponds so why not?In fact apparently you can’t even vape in such places to get your nicotine fix.

I spent most of my time out looking at guns and fishing stuff…but I did it in a dress to make up for the fact I’m such a tomboy.

I did have a little accident of walking into the mens room. They seemed overly happy to see me.I did not do it on purpose. I’m not sure if I were a dude walking into the womens restroom that they’d have been as amused.

I also went into victorias secret to buy panties for the first time ever. That was embarrassing to. I’m not use to people coming up and asking me such questions like do you want cotton or silk? full or thong? Now I know why I order all my things online.

I have started my diet to loose some weight. So far so good. Better look out Brandilynn I’ve already dropped 15-20 pounds in only a week. It’s crazy but true. And thats even after my few pig outs of cheetos,a meatball sub,some ice cream and…yea taco bell. I’m guessing it’s mostly from giving up my mt dew addiction.

Lilith has her own website now feel free to sign up if you so desire. There’s not a lot of videos on it yet because frankly I didn’t see the point if there were no members, so once there are some the videos will be updated. you can find the sign up link on

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Hail Hell update

So I have mostly repaired my truck cost me around 600 dollars. Here’s some pictures of the damage it had for your amusement.


There’s a lot more damage than this. It knocked my hub caps off, broke a turn signal, and cracked the back windshield wiper, left a huge hole in my front grill. People always jump right in to asking about insurance. I admit I do have insurance, but not the kind that would cover this. It isn’t like a storm comes through once a year and trashes your car. I’m 36 and this is actually the first time. So although I have paid for it out of my own pocket, all the insurance I coulda paid in for the last 20 years would have totaled a lot more. My thinking I’m sure would be different if I had a brand new 50k dollar car, but I don’t. So I’d rather just take my money and get a garage or carport.

The storm also cracked all the new siding I put up on my house. And broke my kitchen window. Thankfully I actually had an extra window, and a whole box of new siding I hadn’t used. So I can repair that as well.

I still have to repair the windshield on the other truck. So about 300 more bucks to get.

Don’t forget you can schedule shows with me anytime during the day, preferably from 10am-midnight central time.
If you try to sign up to my website to watch all the videos and can’t just email me and I can set it up by hand and give you other payment options.

There is also now a link leading to Liliths membership site on I decided to keep hers separate from mine because it would be to hard to track the money.

I suppose we should cover the people I have spoken to recently.

Rocken- hmm. He is on vacation. Contacted me a few times but failed to mention any cigarette withdrawls. I’m guessing because his partner is leaving him alone much to much and he is actually getting enough time to smoke.

Smoke pig has called me on nitelfirt. I do love tormenting him, shame his phone died before he actually got off….or is it?

michael has called me and still apparently needs seduced away from his wife after all this time. Enough smokey fucks and his will power might eventually disappear

Brett apparently thinks I’m not being mean enough to get rid of his girlfriend. but brett…aren’t you kinda forgetting I don’t need to get rid of her to turn you into a fag. I mean once you can’t get an erection for her anymore, she can stick around all she wants, haha

Brandilynn is concerned that her ass just can’t take my big strap on. And apparently isn’t overly appreciative of the female period. Poor thing, just light up another cigarette, you’ll feel better.

Daniella has purchased herself a new 7 inch toy that she’s just dying to play with, I suppose I should bless her with a new video.

Rachel is slowly giving up on his ecigs and reverting back into a filthy smoker.

Matthew purchased a video recently. Seems blackmail turns him on, cuz he’s back for more. Shame I never actually got the present he bought me from my wishlist, but the point is he did actually obey and buy it.

There are more. If you got left out don’t get all whiny on me. My brain can only hold so much and I have a short attention span. Maybe you should have tried harder to impress me or stand out more to be included here.

Oh yea…and yes I’m aware Ramadan is coming you cunts. And yes there will be videos. It’s true I didn’t want to deal with it or you, or your fucked up religion. But you can thank evilthought for purchasing a bunch of gifts off my wishlist and making me feel obligated to come back and remind you who you really belong to. And it isn’t that pig allah.

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Hail Hell

So a storm came thru tuesday night and knocked out one house window and 5 windows in the vehicles I have.
about 800 dollars total to fix em all so feel free to request videos or shows…lol

Don’t forget to check out is actually just in a stall period right now waiting for the domain to expire. I do not use the site for the people who keep asking about it. All the 2evil clips can still be seen on the link I just provided.

You can also contact me for a list of them and buy them individually.

Don’t forget to schedule your webcam sessions with me when you want them. Seems like a lot of people sit around waiting for me to announce I’m doing them so they can get them RIGHT Now…it’s not likely to happen.

As a lot of you have also noticed my youtube channel got banned. It was expected, I’m not exactly a good girl. It’s a risk you take if you ask me to post the videos there instead of having me send them to you. And no I won’t send them back out later to you. You get one or the other. The videos aren’t lost tho. They are on clips4sale. They are also in the members area of my website.

I am currently working on getting liliths membership site up as well for those who are interested.

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April showers bring ….more blah

Snapshot 1 (3-11-2014 2-30 AM)

So it’s been a while since I posted ya’ll know I can be antisocial lol.

So a few updates as to what’s been up.
First, my one of my kids rolled our truck, so I’ve been working to pay for that as well as I can. But then I get to deal with the yummy court date and fine.

I have just decided to put my clips4sale members area back up for those who want it, because I’ll be uploading a lot of new content. Not of me…but others, gay content…lots of cocks in your face for those wanna be sin junky faggots.
Some trannys,some new smoking girls…probably some fucking or girl/girl stuff, who knows what you may find. I’m sure it might be a little distracting to some, and I considered opening a different store for it but..fuck it. Ignore it if you don’t like it. You can search the store by category so that should help you.

Speaking of smoking girls, Lilith is now appearing in my stores again
Buy lot’s of clips so I can afford to keep paying her, lol

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New Site? I think no


So I’ve decided that I’m going to keep using for the members. I’ll probably just work on improving it.
I’ve spent all weekend uploading some videos I sold.(I have a very slow connection, so even today I’m finishing up the last 10 or so)
Once they are done loading I will get the updates done for the site. As I’ve said they will be newer updates so the members of my Site can be seeing the newer content first.

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blog updates

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Weekend Wickedness

So some updates.

Lukes still a cunt.
Trixibitch thinks she’s hotter than Brandilynn? hmm….prove it
Brandilynn is still working on her diet.
Smoke pig has apparently never come across a girl with a real dark side smoking fetish, because he keeps calling me and compulsively stroking his cock.

Oh yes….Princess. Must I? He must not like being on ignore. He managed to get through my niteflirt line to talk to me. Oh memories….for him. Not me.
Anyone else worth mentioning?….probably not.

Cam Shows
Obviously I rarely do these anymore. I prefer to make you a video if you want to see me. In fact my niteflirt lines are racked up to 6.66 a minute just so people WON”T call. However if you feel the need to still call at that price I’ll take it. There’s several reasons for this really.
1. My cams usually running on my website so people can see me live. Do I really want to be taking random cam shows where people expect me to fuck myself (though I’m sure the guys on my site wouldn’t mind. I kind of do.)
2. That’s not really what I do anymore. I don’t need to fuck myself to keep you guys in a lustful slumber
3. My dsl line is mostly tied up trying to load the videos onto the new website right now. So it’s a bit counterproductive to do cam shows when every things already bogged down and going slow.

People ask me about my slaves all the time. Truth is I really don’t have any. Slaves annoy the fuck out of me. I will be nice enough to explain this though. I am not the typical Domme. Let’s face it I know I actually kind of do everything backwards from everyone else..but it works for me. To me people desire to be slaves simply as an excuse to be utterly stupid. I’m not okay with that. And by that I mean they do not want to think for themselves. OR women have trained them previously to not think for themselves.
A good example of this might be me asking you how do you feel? and a typical response would be “however you want me to feel mistress?”
fuck that
The problem with this is that I choose to actually have a relationship or bond with the people around me, weather it’s a slave, a client, or just a friend. And if you cannot think for yourself I loose interest. Mindless zombie boys do not turn me on.
Slave or not you should be capable of answering questions and expressing yourself to me.

Another great example of this utter stupidness is princess himself. If you need step by step instructions to smoke a cigarette. told when to light it. for me to endless count as you inhale…count as you exhale count for you how long to hold it in (i realize a lot of people are into this)
Well your pretty much worthless to me.
You know what would be more impressive? If you just fucking put it in your mouth and lit it, and did what your suppose to do WITHOUT BEING TOLD
that’s a real fucking slave to me. One who knows what I WANT and can deliver it to me without being told.

I mean what the fuck is even going on in these situations. Are you serving me? for my pleasure. I think not.
Seems more like I’m stooping down to your level to serve you and provide what get’s you off. Yet, a lot of chicks fall for this…without even realizing they are the ones on the bottom,spending all their time serving the guys desires by giving constant instructions, doing all the thinking

A lot of people refer to themselves as my slaves. They are not. Buying a video once or twice a month and paying the same price everyone else pays doesn’t count as being a slave. It means your just another client. ( and there’s nothing wrong with just being a client. I tend to like them the most)

In my experience doing this there’s really 3 categories of men.
Clients,fans and slaves.
I have tons of clients.
Even more fans
And an almost nonexistance of slaves.

What really set’s them apart. As I said clients pay me for a service , and I give it to them, weather it’s a show, a video, a phone call.

Fans…well, almost more annoying than wanna be slaves. These would be the people who stalk all your content. Claim to love you, be addicted to you, can’t get enough of you, and overall look for anything and everything free they can possibly find all while never spending 1$ on you.
Be a fanboy all you want. But that doesn’t pay my bills and you won’t get my attention. This category of men totally explains how people can become famous and still be broke.

And slaves….well I can think of my cunt luke who is probably the only current person I would consider a slave.Yet even he has a lot to learn. WHY? well he thinks for himself. He does please me. I do not have to tell him to send money…in fact he normally even sends extra. He sends presents without being told. He shows a true interest in what I do and helps to promote it.
When I tell him to do something he doesn’t need the how when where and whys, he just makes it happen.

Can a client wanna be slave become a slave….sure.
You want to change my opinion of you then do something to change it. Simply calling yourself a slave and verbally confessing your servitude doesn’t cut it for me though.
There’s a whole wishlist out there…go make it smaller.
Buy my cigarettes
Don’t confess your loyalty to me and let me catch you stalking other bitches or buying their clips.(nothing wrong with doing so. And I’d never tell someone not to or try to convince them otherwise…but then be happy with client status huh?
Send extra when you pay for a video.

There’s a lot of ways to get my attention I’m not going to list em. That is for you to come up with and act upon.Snapshot 1 (3-13-2014 11-39 AM)

In general slaves tend to be time wasters and expect even more of your time and attention. I’m guessing this is because they are already broke, and don’t think they can be a client, so they try to go for slave status, thinking less will be expected of them. WRONG much much more will be expected.

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