Live streaming


So I know I posted saying I won’t be streaming my game play and smoking. But I decided to give one last thing a shot. LTE internet. After my test run this morning with it, it is working and kicking some ass. I’m impressed. Unfortunately because it’s not typical internet it costs a ton to pay for the data plans.
I broadcast on twitch which in a way works a lot like youtube, where you can get subscribers and paid for ads and such which means…if I acquire a good amount of subscribers I will attempt to sign up for their program. Which charges people 4.99 a month to watch me. Sucky yes, but it’s the only way I can really afford to do this. Plus if u can’t hand over 5 bucks a month to stare at me for hours, you really don’t need to be watching me anyway.In which case enjoy it while it’s free.

I may start turning on my members camera while I’m playing so that you guys get to see me there, that already pay. It’s better than the nothing you already get to see. You won’t be able to enjoy the game I’m playing that way though, nor will I really respond to you. So it’s more like a voyuer cam.

I typically post to twitter when I’m logging in to stream, so make sure your following that if you want to know when to come hang out with me. For the most part though it’s usually between 7-10pm central time. It won’t be to often though because I’m limited to only 30 gb of time right now since that alone is quite expensive.

Also my weekly schedule
Monday,tuesday,wednesday I’m normally in a 3 hour session each day
Thursday and friday I try to record videos
And saturday and sunday I try not to do shit.

Point of this is if you do want a video made, maybe you should ask me by thursdays.Then you would have it by the weekend when you want it. If you wait till the weekend to ask me, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy it on the weekend cuz I won’t get it made.

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What doesn’t kill you…..makes you wish you were dead.

Snapshot 1 (1-26-2014 4-10 AM)

Hope everyone had a good valentines. Yea it’s a little late but I went back and forth about weather or not to share mine.

So when I woke up my husband presented me with my gift. A lovely red toolbox.The kind that’s really like a step stool.
In his defense yes I did a while back mention I wanted one.Because I’m fuckin short.So I guess it was kind of considerate.This is probably not what I would have chosen as a gift at all, but men do have strange ways of thinking.

So later I made lunch and proceeded to go tell him it was done. I walked in on him masturbating. Yes, I’m kind and pretended to not notice.He’s really not a sexual person, or one who does this. So I struggled for a bit of weather to hold it against him that he chose this day to do it. Or be proud of him.

Yea I guess the man is a little confused in life relationships. So anyway I kept my mouth shut…..until probably 12 hours later when I blurted it out cuz that’s how I am.If somethings bothering me you can rest assured you’ll hear about it…eventually.
At that point I just made it clear women don’t want tool boxes for valentines or to find their men wanking alone….

And for the record this has nothing to do with valentines day.It’s just another day to me. I’m not really big on holidays or special occasions.I feel like I should get laid everyday. lol

So he says to me ” I guess I’ll have to try harder to give you what you want then.”
And I’m like ” you mean the cock?! It’s not that hard, the cock that’s all I want.”
“um…yea that”

So then I proceeded to explain to him that maybe if he did try it more often rather than every 2-3 months he might actually be able to handle screwing me. So I challenged him to just try it for a week.
He made it for 2 days.
Oh well back to the usual I guess.

So why am I sharing this…well it’s simple. I hate getting on here and posting a bunch of updates or porn related crap. I like to keep it a little more personal. Also I like to share that my life is far from perfect. I get emails all the time about how rich I must be.Which is a lie. I live paycheck to paycheck same as a lot of people do.I worked last week just to repair my dryer that quit.

People also assume because of my job that my lifes full of steamy sex. Another lie.I have sex every few months for about 3 minutes.In fact you could probably add up the minutes a year I have sex and it would total a normal persons sex for just one occasion.

For my birthday my family had it in their heads they were going to bake me a cake.Cuz in 20 years they’ve really done nothing. So I gave my husband the money to get the cake like he asked me to.He texts me later in the day says he can’t find it. I tell him no big deal, I’m going out don’t worry about it.Which he took to mean…don’t worry about it, I’ll buy one.
OKAY well maybe I did imply that, but while I was out it occured to me that I didn’t really even want a cake. So therefore I didn’t buy one lol.Which pissed them all off.
Fine obviously the cake means way more to you than it does to me. So the next time I go out I buy a god damn cake. And you know what? It’s still sitting in there. Not baked.It’s been almost a month since my birthday.

So no I don’t have an easy or privilaged spoiled life. If anything my life would make a good sitcom.

Typically if I get anything for holidays and special days it’s gifts from my fans or customers. So when I say I appreciate you guys, I do mean it.

I guess this blog is going to be a bit longer than usual.
Onto the next thing.

I won’t be broadcasting my game play.I know some of you are disappointed you won’t get to see me cuss and chainsmoke but that’s life. As we all know my internet connection here just isn’t good enough.For about a day I considered moving back to town where I could do the things I want to do. But that’s just not going to work out.Banks are funny that way. they are not willing to give me 20k to move to another house which is all I require. They really will only work with you if you take 100k, so they know for sure they can fuck you over.

Better internet is suppose to be coming here anyway…eventually. Like in 5 years. I might wait it out.

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Watch sin live gaming

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You think I look good? Imagine how I taste.

Snapshot 3 (3-31-2014 3-58 PM)


Not much really to say today.

I just wanted to point out(again) that I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from the people I’ve made videos for overjoyed that they’ve found their videos on pornhub,or other various sites. You bitches love attention. I get it, it’s thrilling to find something about you out there on the internet for all to see.

From my perspective this is much less exciting.

I know your emailing me because your happy and want to brag, but maybe keep it to yourselves if you like it. Because what happens when you tell me about it is I immediately contact the website and threaten them. Then poof magically goes your video.
I won’t go into a rant here about why they don’t belong there, how it affects me, or even the rest of this industry, just giving you a little warning that if you enjoy them being there so much, why do you tell me? Lol

Some people actually do occasionally email me for the right reasons so that I can remove them and I thank you. But this is much more rare.

Lately you guys have just been saying hey i saw my video on such and such site…you don’t gimme the link or anything….maybe you know better?
Fact is I’m easy to find. It’s still gonna get yanked down.

I do not scour the internet looking for my videos. I don’t even honestly know the major porn sites anymore….or ever actually.
Free tube sites can suck my dick, I’ve never cared.But if you point it out I’ll go find it.And because I don’t bother to look I’m sure there’s a lot of stolen content out there,and yes I do consider it stolen when I see it.

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Wrong Side of Heaven

Thank you to “cunt”for being the only one to send presents for my birthday.

I’ve been working on slowly adding pictures to the members area. I noticed some are really bad quality and plan to go back later and remove them.It’s hard to tell how they are going to look until they are already up there.

Things seem to be going better here. At the moment no ones sick BUT…it just snowed a ton and the kids don’t have school. It’s always something isn’t it.

I can try to give an update on some people since I don’t have much to say.

Daniella – requested a video, but as usual forgot to pay.

Cunt- busy buying me gifts for nothing…since I never make it around to making him any videos…lol
One would think after a while he would stop buying me things….but he doesn’t. It’s almost amusing.But I am human and actually feel bad.So since I’m caught up on my custom videos, this is my top priority.

Mikisbi- Still trying to sell his soul to me.I’m sure we are getting close to the 400-500 dollar mark here.Almost half way there! I have gotten emails from others who are interested in apparently selling their souls also…who knew? Tho none have followed through.I guess they chickened out. I don’t blame them 1000 dollars is pretty steep. Which is exactly why I set the price so high, and refused to take it all at once.It really takes a dedicated person with the desire to be corrupted by evil to follow through with such a task. So good for you Mikibi for being the only so far with the balls to go forth into the abyss.

Robert- The german. Well I actually skipped like a month of his sessions.Sometimes my xbox can be quite addictive,and in turn I skip out on people. haha.It’s true I lost out on a lot of money doing so.However sometimes it’s good to give you guys a reminder I don’t need you. YOU need me. Which became apparent when he commented he “considered” for one second begging to see me.He’s been around for years. Over the years his smoking has increased, though I think he’s been stuck in about the same place for the last 2-3 years. I might have to consider changing that.

Princess- does he really even deserve to be on this list? no…but I did recently make him a video after he stopped stalking my email,and youtube and simply sent money. ACDC musta been onto something. Money talks.

Brett- Brett sent me pictures of him and his wife…..yea wife. For so long it was just his girlfriend. Do you guys not think I assume your married anyway. I do. You don’t need to lie. She was actually hot.To bad brett belongs to me and I’ll do whatever I can to make her sex life hell.Including eventually turn him into a fag.

Brandilynn- Did I spell that right?…eesh. Still working on being sins biggest whore I think.Instead of some panties from me maybe I should just send over this maid outfit I have. Lord knows I don’t belong in it and never wear it, but you may as well put it on and fufill some fantasies bitch.

Monica- Supposedly regressing in age but one must wonder if she’s just on a path of self destruction at this point with all the baldness,tooth pulling,castration,2nd hand smoke inhalation

There really are quite a lot of you I guess for me to just name off the top of my head. It might be best that there aren’t more of you I might not be able to keep this all straight. I’m sure I forget people as it is, and hopefully you don’t get butthurt that your name isn’t mentioned. Try harder to get my attention maybe if you want to be remembered.

On that note, no I haven’t forgotten Shiny.
The man who sends blank white envelopes of cash to my po box….gotta love that shit.
WHy? Because he knows I own him. I am the desire that makes his cock stir. The fire that consumes him to the core. Face it shiny. Your my addict even if you try to avoid it.

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Life is just a game, and everyone who plays is just a pawn.

Snapshot 1 (3-13-2014 11-39 AM)

Are you one of my pawns? hah, of course you are.

So I go check my po box about once a week since it’s cold and there’s almost always presents waiting for me! It’s great.

So at the begining of every year I clear out the videos in my clip store that haven’t sold. So you will find that there are less videos.Most of the videos that were removed weren’t mine.But there were a few. Don’t worry those videos aren’t gone forever and will appear on my membership site for people to still see.

I also change the top featured videos every year.So the top 5 most sold videos are easy to find.These 5 videos aren’t for the year. They are the ones that have sold the most since I put the store up.

I have a lot more content to put up on the membership site. Such as liliths videos, however I have yet to do that because it kind of disturbs me that there’s really no way to seperate them from my own videos.Continuing to wait is probably not getting me anywhere as there may never be. I know that you guys can favorite the videos and make lists so maybe I’ll go ahead and try to post them anyway and things won’t get overly cluttered.

For those that have been emailing me lately no I haven’t struck it rich. And no I’m not dead.I just have a large family. And it seems someones always sick. Or there’s dentist,doctor,eye appointments, or school functions.

I worked my butt off for 12 years almost nonstop and anymore I admit videos are more of a hobby. Family comes first now and I just have to fit everything else in when I have time.

I know I don’t always make the type of videos people want to see. Chances are I probably won’t. But there is a simple solution to getting what you want. Need more nudity? Simply email me and request your own video. It’s not like I don’t make a variety of videos, I just don’t do them unless I’m asked.

The only videos I don’t make are really with other people.However I am ok with blowjob or handjob videos… videos not so much. Maybe if your expectations are low.Sex videos don’t tend to work out to well for me.Maybe if you want 2 minutes or less of sex.Cuz that’s about as long as I can get it to last lol.

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Nothing but Bronchitis for christmas


yea yea, for the first time in many years the only thing I received for christmas was bronchitis. I even had some cunts tell me they were going to spend more than ever!
But I am pleased to say mikisbi has paid his 100 dollar soul removal fee even in my absence truth is I didn’t think he would..haha.I guess he really doesn’t wanna screw it up.Good job not needing my encouragement and just doing it!

As you know I had a bad month dealing with all the dentists appointments and such. I am healed now but of course caught bronchitis right after. since christmas was coming and my kids were on vacation and all home I decided for once just to go on vacation with them. If being home sick with an outrageous cough and fever is really a vacation.
Either way it’s slightly getting better, that shit takes forever to go away, and I’ll be back at things on the 5th.

My cough is so bad I should have been making fetish videos but who the hell really feels like it when they are sick.
Today is new years. And I didn’t even realize it until I got a text telling me so that’s how out of it i’ve been.It’s like the first time ever I didn’t at least sit alone and watch the ball drop on tv in…like 20 years.So that made me a little sad.

And for me a new year really just means I’m about to have another birthday and get older…again lol.
But I am as always excited to see what a new year holds for us, and what fun we shall all enjoy together.

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Normally when I get on my knees it’s not to pray


So a couple updates. I’ve decided not to shut down it’s just been around to long, and the monthly fee isn’t killing me even if I don’t appreciate it.
This blog is several years old and I’m just not ready to let it go.(even I enjoy going back and reading through it at times)

I’ve also decided to bring back the fetish script store(yes another monthly fee that’s not worth it)
Thing is without it I have to write the code and such to add the scripts to my site manually by hand, and let’s face it I suck at getting around to things, which means I have a lot more scripts than actually appear there.Plus I’m sure people would rather click and buy than have to email me and pay me. So although money wise it’s not really worth it, maybe eventually it’ll get more use and be worth it, but for now it actually just saves me time. Right now I’m trying to bring back the old store that I already had so I do not have to start all over, unfortunately that’s proving to be a pain in the ass. Hopefully I can get it back. If not I’ll post a new link when the new store is ready.

Obviously the fees aren’t bad, 30 bucks a month for and the script store. I’m just looking at it from a business point of view which is doesn’t actually generate any money. My members site does. And the script store…well I make like 10-20 dollars a month on scripts. So in reality I am taking a loss on these things but not a lot maybe 100 bucks a year or so, not really worth bitching about and if I bring em back maybe sales will increase and make it more worth my time.

I’d like to thank hookedonyou again for sending me tips, love it!. Sorry for the lack of video updates. Maybe my new years resolution will be to actually write a schedule out for myself so things aren’t so chaotic.

I know there’s several people emailing me and begging for custom videos. It never really ceases to amaze me that even when I disappear and take time off,or even just ignore you guys you never give up on me.Your so loyal ….and needy.Please don’t think I don’t appreciate it because I do. I know there’s a lot of girls who can’t make any money and I often have people begging to give it to me and I don’t act on it.You guys have made my experience much different than a lot of girls have. I’m spoiled thanks to you.It’s just difficult for me to get around to everything. And honestly I go through phases.

I assure you I’m not dead, I haven’t quit or retired.Nor will I ever.However it is common for me to get a bit burnt out and disappear for a month or so or just get distracted by other things.I always come back.

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So very sorry


I do appologize for not being around much…all year really. Apparently it’s not a good year for my health, or time.

Recently I had a toothache, I’m sure we’ve all been there. By the time I got to the dentist it didn’t really hurt anymore. But I decided to go ahead and have them pull it anyway cuz I didn’t want any future problems. Because of that I’ve been in pain all week. I never knew getting a tooth pulled could cause so many problems. I’ve taken a million pills and….well a lot of alcohol lol. Getting it removed was worse than the actual toothache I had to start with, pretty retarded.

In the instructions the dentist gave me #1 was do not smoke for 2 hours. Of course that’s the first thing I did when I got back in my car.Thankfully even though he numbed my mouth there was just barely enough feeling on one side of my lips to smoke haha. Although I did bite my tongue on the way home which caused further pain, and then of course upon arrival at home I started my period, which caused even more pain…..blah. To say the least this week has been pure hell.

I’m not avoiding you guys on purpose. I no longer have money problems and I always said even if I had money I’d still do this. I think I’ve kept my word, granted it’s not as often as if it were a full time job but I try, I just have the worst luck ever. Mo money mo problems right. I would like to tell you it’s going to get better but I have my doubts.

My teeth have never been great, since I had so many kids. And either I was knocked up and the dentists couldn’t help me at the time or I just didn’t have the money to go do anything about it.Now I can. I am having my doubts though after all the pain I’ve been in this week. I have at least 3 more appointments in december, for my teeth. I am totally wanting to back out of it but I know it’ll make me look better and so I’m trying to be brave and go through with it. However no one has EVER commented on my teeth. I know people can be mean , especially on youtube and such so I feel delighted that everyone always takes to me so well and I never really have dealt with negative comments. I think you guys are awesome.

I kinda become withdrawn when I’m sick or in pain, but then that was kinda the purpose of straightening out my life, so that if I want or need time off I can have it.

Of course winter has arrived and it’s already brought snow. I will point out that I live at a lake. It’s not like there’s city maintenance or anything here really to clear the roads, and often even if the highways and such are clear….it’s really never clear here all winter. So for the most part I really don’t get out much once the snow starts falling. Which means I won’t be checking the po box as often. I know some of you send money and such to me, I just might not get it right away.

This site really serves no purpose anymore other than costing me money every month. But I’ve kept it for you guys. Truth is I should probably use the blog on model centro as that’s where my members are. But then all these years of blogs would be lost that some people like to read back through. Tho admitedly that is not the reason I even keep it. It’s still active for only one reason, and that is my fetish scripts.

My fetish script writing isn’t something that generates a lot of money, But I enjoy helping and writing for the other girls when they need me. That is why the scripts are no longer in an actual store to be purchused , the monthly costs just weren’t worth it.
Unfortunately model centro does not give me the option to make a page to list my scripts. And until they do I guess I’m still paying for this….always paying for something right…

In the long term hopefully they give me some way to get those scripts up. My model centro site will take on the name and this will be shut down.

I am feeling a bit better now. Hopefully I’ll get some videos recorded tomorrow.

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Mourning Wood


Sorry for the delay in videos I guess it’s just that time of year everyone here’s getting ill. I shall get back on them as soon as I can. I’m sure cunt is waiting as patiently as he can,but secretly dying inside without me.

Thank you Ryan for the 20 dollar tip, it’s definately appreciated for all the hard work I haven’t been doing, heh

I am quite addicted to the destiny game. lots of newbs I have to pwn . I’m just kidding, I kinda suck at the pvp, but practice makes perfect.

I do think it’s time to upgrade from the 360 to a xbox one though cunt…maybe that’s what I want for christmas.

I know many of you still message me a lot begging to see me. Seriously I don’t really do live shows much anymore.I really only do videos by request.
I suppose at this point it’s mostly a hobby rather than a job for me, which is how I prefer it. No one likes to be made to do anything for money. So now I kinda just function when I want to.

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